How Do I Overcome My Fear of Paragliding?

of paragliding? is happening. When individuals who are afraid of heights come to the track, the level of this anxiety can increase. Because a jump is performed from a summit above the clouds. For this reason, as the SKY Fethiye family, we felt the need to explain this issue. In this article, we will give you some suggestions to overcome your fear of flying.

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First, we must define the difference between fear of heights and perception of depth. Both are different states of anxiety. They affect the quality of life of the person and can make it difficult to realize the paragliding dream. Fear of heights is the anxiety experienced in every situation where one is above the ground. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking down from a 3 thousand altitude slope or from a 10-step ladder. Since the person cannot calculate the distance between the place and the ground, he is in a constant fear and panic.

Ways to Overcome Fear of Paragliding

It is certain that he is not a person with a fear of heights, he would not even think about flying. For this reason, a person who is afraid of paragliding has a depth perception problem, not a fear of heights. It is possible to overcome this easily. Fear of depth is the fear of not being fully secure when you’re in a high place. At the same time, the lack of control at height is also included in the definition of this anxiety. But how do I overcome my fear of paragliding? Here is the most important point of this subject.

How Do I Overcome My Fear of Paragliding?
How Do I Overcome My Fear of Paragliding?

Ways to overcome the fear of skydiving:

  1. The first step to overcome the fear of paragliding is to know the equipment used in this activity well. Because the aircraft used in paragliding sport is produced with the latest technology and is very safe. Before you get on the parachute, it passes many tests in accordance with international standards.
  2. You may not be in control. However, you should not forget that the pilot who manages the process is an expert in his field. Each pilot is a private person who has been awarded a certificate by entering exams and tests from the civil aviation institution. Also keep in mind that it has flown hundreds of people the same way until it comes to you.
  3. Today, state-of-the-art devices are used to measure the accuracy of flight conditions. Since the wind and weather conditions are known clearly, the risk factor disappears.
  4. Paragliding, where you look at the risk map, is the most reliable adrenaline activity in the world. With this knowledge, you can understand that you don’t have to be afraid.
  5. The track quality and wind conditions in the Ölüdeniz region offer the best level for this sport.
  6. Lastly, do not forget that there is also a spare parachute.

As can be seen, it is very robust in terms of safety, paragliding. If you are experiencing intense anxiety, you can watch our jumping videos on the internet. Thus, you will witness how happy people from 7 to 70 are in the sky. Today, even 4-year-olds can fly with us alone. We should also mention that all your fears will end in the first 10 seconds after the jump.

I Can’t Get Over My Fear Of Paragliding

If you have a fear of heights, it is very unlikely that you will participate in tandem flights. But you need to know whether your fear is height or depth. If you can look down when you go out to the balcony, this is not a fear of heights. Yes, you are suitable for paragliding. It’s easy to overcome your fear of depth. Our instructors give you a pre-flight briefing and help you overcome these anxieties. After jumping, all the uneasiness leaves its place to pleasure and adventure.

If you have a demand for a safe flight, you can choose the professional pilots of the SKY Fethiye brand. We perform the most enjoyable and reliable flights of the region with our equipment and experienced pilots, which are renewed every season. You can join this fun by making a reservation right now. We wish you pleasant flights.

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