How is Saklikent Rafting Done?


Saklikent rafting route, located between Muğla and Antalya , is visited by a high number of tourists every year. Those who want to cool off in the ice-cold waters under the summer heat participate in this adventure-filled activity. You can participate in the activity, which is carried out with an inflatable boat through professional guides, either alone or as a large team. We have told you in detail about this extreme sport, which includes everyone from 7 to 70 in good health.

There are 8 or 10 people in the front and back boats. Professional rafting instructors also follow the participants closely and manage the process. Since it is an extreme sport, security measures are always kept at the highest level. Saklıkent rafting track is approximately 18 kilometers long. This means that you will be alone with breathtaking excitement for 45 minutes .

What is Saklikent Rafting?

Saklıkent is a canyon in terms of its geographical structure. It makes many nature activities possible with its physical features. Safari, rafting, hiking and horseback riding are among them. What is Saklikent rafting? The answer to the question is the struggle to progress with boats on the river with a certain flow rate, not to fall and to complete the route in a healthy way . People try to advance the boat on the river route with the help of oars without dropping it. Every moment is full of adrenaline. For this reason, it attracts a lot of attention.

Saklıkent canyon attracts tourists from both cities as it is very close to Antalya and Muğla. There are those who come to see its natural beauties, but also those who come just to experience the rafting adventure. Let’s say that water desi is ideal for beginner rafting enthusiasts. For professionals, it may be a little insufficient.

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Where is Saklikent Rafting?

Where is Saklıkent rafting , which has a cool adventure with its 12-degree ice-cold water ? You may be wondering. It is located in a location closer to Muğla . This rafting route is located within the borders of Saklıkent National Park. Its net address is Kayadibi , Saklıkent Sokak No: 26, 48300 Seydikemer / Muğla. Its distance to the center of Fethiye is about 50 kilometers.

It is possible to go here with many options in terms of transportation. Minibuses and buses depart from Fethiye center. In addition, if you are going to have a rafting adventure with the tour, the company will transfer you privately. At the end of the event, it brings it back to the city. To start rafting, you must first enter the national park. Although the entrance is paid, this payment is already included in your rafting service.

How is Saklikent Rafting Done?

Those who want to complete their holiday with pleasant memories with a different adventure prefer Saklıkent rafting activity. But how is it done? Basically it is easy and safe, but it is a sport that requires strength and intelligence from time to time. It also requires teamwork. Let’s write down what you will encounter in the process, item by item.

  • Equipment such as muscle and inflatable vests are worn before rafting.
  • A maximum of 10 people get on the inflatable boat and the instructors gently push the boat into the water.
  • Your adventure begins on a route that is kilometers long. You struggle with the waves from time to time, and from time to time you try to keep your boat afloat in the increasing desi of the river.
  • When the route is completed, the boat is landed by the trainer and the activity ends.

This is how the rafting process proceeds. With SKY Fethiye, you have the opportunity to make this experience an unforgettable one for the first time. We have been organizing this event for over 20 years and have brought together thousands of happy participants. Would you like to be a part of the family too? You can make your rafting reservations via SKY Fethiye communication tools.

Is Saklikent Rafting Water Cold?

Saklıkent rafting is done on Karaçay. This tea is famous for being ice cold. It is everyone’s dream to enter the ice-cold waters on hot summer days. Average water temperature is 12 – 13 degrees. This is a very ideal water temperature level for this activity.

How Many Minutes Does Saklıkent Rafting Take?

In rafting tours, the length of the route and the difficulty level are the factors that determine how long the activity will take. Saklıkent canyon also provides a great opportunity in this regard. The tour duration is approximately 45 minutes. Although rare, it can take up to 1 hour. You can consider this information in your reservations.

What is Saklikent Water War?

When the rafting process is over, the officers take the participants to the water battle area after pulling the boats from the river. Here, everyone from 7 to 70 witnesses very entertaining moments.

Saklikent Rafting Price

Saklıkent rafting price is an important detail for those who make budget arrangements in their holiday planning . Because this activity has a special place for everyone who goes to the region. You can witness a day not only for rafting, but also for viewing the wonderful natural beauties of Saklıkent canyon. We recommend that you spend a day here on your holiday. So how much was it in 2022? Here are the details…

There are different package programs in the rafting tour. There are comprehensive packages such as mud bath and food service. In 2022, you can have rafting + mud bath entertainment with a payment of 20-25 dollars. You pay for food and drinks yourself. In addition, if you want to participate in paragliding or other activities, you have the opportunity to benefit from the opportunity tariffs .

Saklıkent rafting price list for 2022:

  • of rafting + mud bath in Saklıkent is 20 – 25 Dollars
  • Only rafting price in Saklıkent is 20 – 25 Dollars
  • Rafting + mud bath + food and beverage price 35 – 40 dollars
  • Rafting transfer fee (ask by phone)

Is Saklikent Rafting Expensive?

Participating in a rafting adventure in Fethiye is not expensive. Because when the amount paid is compared with the tour process, it will be seen that it is very reasonable. Today , it is an ideal point to pay 20-25 dollars to experience 45 minutes of adrenaline .

How Much Is a Rafting Tour in Saklıkent?

A payment of $ 25 is made for participation per person . This includes mud bath and water fight entertainment. If there are group participations, some discounts can be applied depending on the period. You can learn the current lists with SKY Fethiye communication tools.

Saklikent Rafting Review

The opinions of previous participants are invaluable when experiencing a new adventure. Both an idea about the process will be gained and the trust in the preferred company will be revealed. SKY Fethiye has the top comment score on this subject in search engines. Let’s take a look at who said what in the Saklıkent rafting comment section…

Participant comments for rafting in Saklıkent:

  • User1: I attended for the first time and everything was perfect, including the very cold water.
  • User2: I would never have guessed that it would be this much fun. In addition, the trainers make the process very easy.
  • User3: I experienced rafting during my Fethiye holiday. In hot weather, the cool waters felt so good that I can’t tell. I definitely recommend it.
  • User4: I attended with my daughter last summer and we witnessed the most enjoyable moments of our mother-daughter lives. The water was a little cold, but it keeps you alive.

Some of the opinions of those who do rafting are as follows. There are hundreds of positive reviews for SKY Fethiye . You can start your reservations with peace of mind right now. You will witness a different and adrenaline-filled process during your holiday. We wish you a holiday full of joy and excitement.


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