Is Fethiye Diving Tour Suitable For Non-Swimmers?


It is impossible not to take a summer vacation in the Mediterranean and not participate in a fun water activity. But some people do not know how to swim. Is Fethiye diving tour suitable for non-swimmers? It is for this reason that the question arises. In normal times, open seas are dangerous areas for those who are not comfortable with swimming. Experts do not recommend entering it. Although the heat of the water is not suitable for such situations, it will not cause you any difficulties even if you do not know how to swim underwater. So you can easily join the diving tour. So why? We will clarify this in detail.

Is Fethiye diving tour suitable for non-swimmers? Anyone who researches that means probably doesn’t know how to swim yet. But in order to experience his passion for the sea in the best way, he wants to scuba dive and sail out to the mysterious blues. To answer the question, we must know what the diving activity is like and its processes.

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You will encounter many different tour options during your scuba diving event with SKY Fethiye. For example, non-swimmers and experienced swimmers are not included in the same program. In this way, more and more close attention is paid to those who do not know how to swim. In fact, this allows participants to enjoy the process more and explore life under the sea at a high level. If you have such a problem, you need to inform the authorities at the time of booking.

Fethiye Diving Tour Program for Non-Swimming

Not being able to swim is not an obstacle to diving. Yes, it is impossible for them to stand on the surface without equipment. But thanks to the pressure and buoyancy under the water, people can move comfortably as if they were walking on the Moon. Besides, it is a very comfortable process because it does this with materials that they can breathe and move freely. Is Fethiye diving tour suitable for non-swimmers? Let’s take a look at the process for those who are curious…

  • The first step starts with the reservation. At this stage, you inform the officers about your situation.
  • When the diving day comes, we meet you at the point where we will jump.
  • We start a short training period before diving. In this section, we provide information about materials, how to use them, how to move comfortably under water, and diving time.
  • Diving equipment is worn before going out to sea. The tube and some equipment can be worn when going by boat to the area where the jump will take place. This is at the discretion of the diver.
  • If the participant is a conservative woman, she can wear any outfit she wants over her diving equipment.
  • When it comes to the diving area, the instructor first gets into the sea and takes the participants into the sea in turn.
  • You don’t need to know how to swim or panic as your trainer is constantly watching you underwater.

All winter we dream of resting during the summer holidays. But vacation is not just to relax. It’s also about having fun, experiencing adrenaline and exploring. Holidaymakers in the Fethiye region are very lucky in this regard. Because there are so many extreme activities. You can do diving tours, paragliding, ATV, safari and much more by contacting SKY Fethiye. We wish you a wonderful time during your summer vacation.

I don’t know how to swim. Can I dive in Fethiye?

You don’t need to be a professional swimmer or diver to be underwater. You just need to love having fun and discovering new things. Both the fact that you enter with the trainers and the buoyancy force under the water offers you a comfortable movement, making this activity safe. Only the vast majority of participants generally do not know how to swim. So you are not alone in this. The only condition is that you do not have any health problems. Other than that, you can dive with SKY Fethiye under all conditions .


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