Is Paragliding Dangerous?

is it dangereus paragliding?

Is paragliding dangerous? Sky enthusiasts often wonder. Today, there is a perception in the society that “the number of people who die while paragliding is high”. This is not true. This is certainly the activity with the least risk of death among aircraft today. Of course, basing them on scientific data will be correct for you to perceive the subject more clearly. Is there anyone in this article who jumped with a parachute and died? Will I die if I paraglide? We will make a presentation in order to eliminate fears such as if the parachute falls. Happy reading.

Paragliding is not dangerous. It is the most reliable flight activity. The death rate is almost non-existent. There are many scientific articles on this subject. The most well-known among them is the comparison with football competitions. Today, football is a culture that is loved and played all over the world. The risk of death in these matches is 7 times higher than the possible danger during paragliding. This scientific analysis actually tells you is paragliding dangerous? will answer the question.

How Dangerous Is Paragliding?

If there is an adrenaline activity, it would not be realistic to say that the danger is 0. This is exactly what makes people experience adrenaline. No risky activity creates excitement in people. This does not mean that if you jump with a parachute, many dangers await you. On the contrary, you will surely experience a safe, peaceful and high adrenaline process. A correct and legal flight is completed without any problems. In what situations does danger arise? Let’s have a look at these now…

Elements that may pose a danger in paragliding:

  • Jumping with bad and outdated equipment puts the paraglider in danger.
  • Flying with incomplete and inadequate equipment endangers safety.
  • A parachute flown by an inexperienced pilot is definitely a danger factor.
  • Insisting on flying in bad weather is dangerous.
  • It is dangerous for people who are intoxicated to fly.
  • Parachutes used by uncertified pilots always carry a great risk.
  • The fact that people with health problems are on a parachute puts both sides at risk.

Above, we wrote some information that can make paragliding dangerous. None of these items can be realized even in the slightest, within SKY Fethiye. Years of experience, our mission that fully considers human health, and the top quality of our equipment make us special and reliable. Is paragliding dangerous in the mind of someone who prefers us? question does not occur. Only the excitement of the sky is focused here. You too can become a part of this process.

Why is Fethiye Paragliding Not Dangerous?

There are perhaps hundreds of different answers to this question. But we can summarize each of them in two words: SKY Fethiye. Everything from A to Z is thought out to the smallest detail here. No flight can be made without destroying even the smallest detail that could jeopardize security. We also use new generation hardware and technologies. This virtually eliminates the danger. When you choose us, you only focus on the sky and the view of Ölüdeniz. You will not have any reservations like if the parachute breaks. Because even if there is a problem with the main parachute, our backup parachute system is activated. A healthy landing is carried out. Your feet will be on the ground without the slightest problem.

Why SKY Fethiye ? First and foremost, we fully comply with the rules and guidelines set by THK. At the same time, we ourselves have rules that will make the flight safe. A principled and principled service eliminates the dangers of paragliding. We are waiting for your reservation. Have a nice day.


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