Is There a Risk of Death From Paragliding?

When the idea of flying comes to mind, ‘ Is there a risk of death from paragliding? ‘ the thought also arises in general. For a person who has never flown before, even the dream of being in the air can be frightening. This situation can be defined as the excitement of something that has not been experienced before, rather than the fear of heights. But is this sport as safe as it seems? Has anyone died so far? You will find the answers in the article.

The main feature of adrenaline sports is that they contain risks, albeit at different levels. This risk is basically characterized as ‘accident’. There are many extreme sports around the world. Paragliding is one of them. But it is also the safest activity you can find in the sky. Since the day parachuting emerged, the aircraft has been nearly perfected. Problems such as crashing, falling and breaking have been completely eliminated. But are they at risk of paragliding death? There may not be enough answers to the question. We will elaborate a little more on the subject.

Is There a Risk of Dying While Paragliding?

The answer that can be given to this question is only proportional to the extent to which the flight safety is provided in a positive way. You can think of this aircraft as an airplane. Just as a quality, regularly maintained and meticulously maintained aircraft performs a flawless flight, paragliding proceeds in the same way. Is there a risk of paragliding death when pilots and flight schools perform their jobs with a professional mission ? The answer to the question would be unequivocally no.

To better understand that there is no risk of death in paragliding, we can compare this with a comparison . Today, the risk of dying on the field of an athlete playing football is exactly 7 times higher than the risk of dying on the field of paragliding. This example is a clear indication of how safe you are involved in an activity. You can enjoy it without any hesitation. But it is very important that you get service from a reliable flight school. You ask why? Here are the details…

Applications That Make Paragliding Safe

In order to say paragliding is safe, some applications must be fulfilled completely. Even the smallest details can put you at risk. Preferring the most corporate flight schools in the industry, such as SKY Fethiye, is an effective way to ensure your safety. There are other factors as well. We will now list them.

Elements that eliminate the risk of death in paragliding:

  • Top quality parachute equipment is used.
  • Before each flight, critical equipment of the parachute is checked and conformity approval is obtained.
  • Whether the weather conditions are suitable for the flight is measured with special equipment.
  • Flight safety equipment is strictly used.
  • It is carried out by experienced pilots. Flying with pilots whose flight time is above certain standards is an element that increases safety.
  • Pilots are certified. Pilots without a certificate can fly individually, but cannot participate in commercial flights. Today, there are companies that stretch this out. However, it is a strict principle for SKY Fethiye not to fly an uncertified pilot.
  • During the flight, the pilots must have a spare parachute with them. This is an application that increases security by 90%.
  • Participants who are not fit to fly are not accepted. This is an important element for security.
  • Jumping is carried out from the most productive slopes for flight. Fethiye Babadag is the most beautiful track of our country.

Each item mentioned above is implemented by SKY Fethiye completely and without exception. Is there a risk of paragliding death because the safety elements are not stretched? The question can also be answered no. Choose us, fly with confidence. We wish you a good day.


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