Is There İnsurance For Paragliding?


In high adrenaline activities, participants want to secure themselves. Although flight schools fulfill all the details perfectly in order to eliminate security risks, it is the most natural demand and right of individuals to have an insured process. This is a mandatory practice in almost every extreme sport performed today. But how is the situation in the sport of paragliding ? Is there insurance for paragliding? Here are the details…

Although insurance in our country was at low levels in the past, today it has reached European standards. It is possible to find insurance factors that cover every application in every area of life. While most are optional, some insurance services are mandated by state law. Paragliding is also included in this scope. So yes, is there insurance for paragliding? The answer to the question is that it is necessary. So what is this paragliding insurance?

Insurance for paragliding is called 3rd party liability insurance. Today, every company and every pilot that performs tandem flights cannot make a jump without doing this. Otherwise, he will be committing a crime. The basic mission of the insurance is that if an unexpected situation occurs during the activity, the material and moral damages that the participants will experience are covered. At the same time, the flight school also guarantees itself with this service. Is there insurance for paragliding? We basically answered the question. Now let’s move on to the details of the subject.

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What is the Insurance for Paragliding?

We do not often encounter this type of coverage, which is expressed as 3rd party liability insurance, throughout our lives. Usually, participants do it in extreme situations. For example, when you buy a plane ticket today, you will get this insurance. Its basic function is the same as paragliding. In the event of an accident, it provides financial and moral security to individuals. Moreover, it is not only done to the participant. The pilot is also included in the 3rd party liability insurance.

Before the flight, individuals come to our flight school and receive a mini-training. After this training, insurance policies are filled. Before starting the flight, all the documents are ready. It is also questionable when it started. The start time of the fuse is considered to be the first moment of the jump from the runway. In other words, you are under insurance after your feet are off the ground.

Which agency to make the insurance with depends entirely on the preference of the flight school. Today, there are many agencies that provide this service. Some offer a comprehensive service, while others offer a lower guarantee. In fact, the importance of choosing a flight school comes to the fore here. When you deal with a quality and professional company, all your security and insurance coverage is realized in the best way.

Is Insurance Necessary for Paragliding?

If you are in an extreme situation or activity, it is absolutely necessary to have insurance. Although paragliding is an activity with high safety, there is always a risk factor. This is what makes it the most valuable adrenaline sport. As SKY Fethiye, we have carried out thousands of flights so far. None of our participants required this insurance. However, we carry out insurance transactions with the best agency conditions. Because although we make the flight perfect, we care about you and your loved ones.

Before you make a tandem jump, make sure to use this right and request that the flight be covered by insurance. Remember, this is your most natural right. Thus, you will be insured against the slightest risk. As the SKY Fethiye family, we wish you a healthy and fun-filled flight.


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