İzmir Event Calendar


Izmir event calendar is among the topics of interest in 2022. The entertainment and art culture in İzmir, which is the third largest city in the country, has a highly developed level. The people of the city participate in cultural activities such as concerts, festivals or theater seven days a week. Such a high demand increases the search for up-to-date lists. We answered questions such as where is which concert and when are the festivals. We wish you pleasant reading.

Each city has a different identity within itself. Today, when Izmir is mentioned, festivals, concerts and cultural and art organizations always come to mind. Some experience unlimited entertainment by participating in the event of an artist they love, while others meet their artistic needs with theatrical performances with effective performances. In short, the Izmir event calendar has a full program in 2022.

İzmir Event Calendar
İzmir Event Calendar

Izmir Events Calendar List

In 2022, it is possible to find a great activity for every day, whether it is summer or winter. It is enough for individuals to define their style and choose what kind of organization they want to experience. The best representatives of pop, jazz, R&B, electronic music, arabesque, slow and rock cultures give their most unique performances on the city’s stages. It is possible to reach when they are with the Izmir event calendar list . We have compiled the most up-to-date stage shows for you. Here are the details…

İzmir concert and festival events of 2022:

  • Ray Roe
  • Berkay
  • Yasar
  • Hakan Altun
  • Ogun Sanlisoy
  • Ayta Sözeri
  • Gokhan Tepe
  • We Talk Face to Face
  • Cem Adrian
  • from your heart
  • pinhani
  • Gulsen
  • Sertab Erener

Izmir concerts in July:

  • dedubluman
  • Emir Can İğrek
  • Mabel Matiz
  • from your right
  • Snowdrop
  • Sila
  • Kenan Eastern
  • rubato
  • Smoke
  • Cengiz Kurtoglu
  • Can Gox

List of concerts that will take place in Izmir in August:

  • Hold the Full Glass Upside Down
  • Gokhan Tepe
  • New Turkic
  • Jackal
  • Squad
  • Ayta Sözeri
  • Gaye Su Akyol
  • Umit Besen
  • Fatih Erkoc
  • pinhani

July and August is quite busy and full, as can be seen from the 2022 program. Tickets are already on sale. You can book your place by purchasing. There are differences in ticket prices depending on the type of event and the artist. While some concerts are 120 TL, some can go up to 600 TL.

Izmir Concert 2022

Izmir concerts are full and at the same time high-dose entertainment for every period. Great concepts and light shows on the stages of the city also feed these events, making the night unique. Here, the number of people who are passionate about music and dance is quite high. The fact that the participants also have a musical culture makes the organizations even more enjoyable. For those who are wondering who is there and where they will appear, we have compiled the most popular events for you. We leave you alone with the concerts that will make this article unique. We wish you a good time.

a)      Sagopa Kajmer Izmir Concert

Sagopa Kajmer, the doyen of rap music and the name that made millions of rap enthusiasts love this music culture today, as in the past, will perform a concert in Izmir on the night of September 3. The concert to be held in Çeşme, the most popular holiday resort of our country, is already attracting great attention. Open Air Theater seating is expected to be at full capacity on this special night. The famous rapper will perform live the albums he has released in recent years, as well as the songs that have become popular in the past. Ticket prices have been announced.

  • Category 1: 400 TL
  • Category 2: 350 TL
  • Category 3: 300 TL
  • Category 4: 250 TL
  • VIP Category: 450 TL

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b)      Madrigal Izmir Concert

Many new artists are breaking out these days. However, Madrigal is a group that climbs to the top with solid steps among them. They brought a different perspective to Turkish music with their original music. This time, they will hold an event within the scope of Izmir concert 2022. On the night of September 15, he will cheer his fans up with his best performances on the İzmir Kültürpark Open Air stage. Current ticket purchase prices are as follows:

  • Category 1: 250 TL
  • Category 2: 190 TL
  • Category 3: 130 TL

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c)      Ayta Sözeri Izmir Concert

Ayta Sözeri, who has been admired by everyone from 7 to 70 with her sincere character and unique musical quality in recent years, will perform a concert in Alaçatı. There is already a great interest in the artist, who will take over the Hayal Kahvesi stage on Saturday, August 20. We can easily say that it is one of the most popular organizations in the Izmir event calendar 2022 list. So how much did the tickets cost? Here are the details…

  • Table for 3 (per person): 3,000 TL
  • Second category at the table for 2 people: 2,500 TL
  • Third category at the table for 2: 2,000 TL
  • Fourth category at the table for 2: 1,000 TL,

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d)      Purple and Beyond Izmir Concert

If a passerby is asked what is the most important name of rock music in our country, he will definitely get the answer Mor ve Ötesi. They have never decreased their quality since the 90’s. Today, they have their signatures on the most beautiful pieces. The band, which is on tour throughout the year, will be on the stage of Çeşme Open Air Theater this summer. It is a good opportunity for the people of Izmir. The selling price of the tickets has been determined.

  • Category 1: 375 TL
  • Category 2: 300 TL
  • Category 3: 250 TL
  • Category 4: 200 TL
  • Category 5: 150 TL

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Izmir Festival 2022

So far we have talked about concerts. However, another concept that pushes the limits of entertainment is on the Izmir festival 2022 list. Youth festivals and holiday resorts are full of music and dance. There are also unique organizations for those who want to have fun with camping festivals. In short, this year the city will be full of music, camp and dance. For those who are wondering, we have prepared a list about prices and dates. You can experience a different entertainment by choosing the one that suits you best.

Izmir festival calendar of 2022:

  • GitFest: July 1 – 3
  • What a Fest: 20 – 24 July
  • Izmir Youth Carnival: 23 – 26 June
  • Karaburun Clipping Festival: June 26
  • Seferihisar Lavender Festival: 7 – 10 July
  • Paw Friends Festival: July 27
  • Electronica Festival Cesme: 29 – 31 July
  • Izmir International Fair: 2 – 11 September
  • Selcuk Ephesus Festival: 5 – 7 July
  • Urla Jazz and Gastronomy Festival: 12 – 18 September

We have listed the most prominent ones among the festivals included in the Izmir event calendar 2022 program. You can create a beautiful calendar by choosing the ones that best suit your schedule and style. It should be noted that ticket prices are very reasonable and are already on sale. If you are planning to participate, do not leave it to the last day. Because tickets are sold out before the events.

Among those who are curious about Izmir festivals, the age limit of 18 comes up. Because when the concepts are a youth festival, the demand for participation by individuals under the age of 18 is increasing. Although each festival is different, there is no age limit for most of these events in the city. However, you can contact the organizers to get information about the most up-to-date situation. You can get tickets via Biletix. As the SKY Fethiye family, we wish you a fun-filled process in advance. After the pandemic, you deserve the fun and happiness the most.

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