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Paradise isn’t just in your dreams. You can reach the paradise of your dreams thanks to Kabak Bay camping area . There is a dream-like geographical structure in every corner of Fethiye. Its sea, bays, islands, forests and valleys… But there is such a place among them that it always knows how to fascinate people. Of course, we are talking about Kabak Bay. Located in the Southwest part of the city, this quaint natural area is located in Faralya Village. Local travelers, who love the free life and love nature, come here to camp as much as the European tourists.

When the weather warms up, young travelers go in search of a campsite at Kabak Bay . Although each individual has different demands, this is the common meeting point. For some, the areas to set up free tents can be even more attractive. Others prefer areas with special facilities such as electricity, toilet, internet and refrigerator. In short, let’s say that there is a place suitable for all kinds of traveler and camper demands. We have researched these places on behalf of you and listed the camping places that you will not regret when you go. Here are the details…

List of places to camp in Kabak Bay:

  • Kabak Bay Yerdeniz Camping
  • Shiva Camp Kabak Cove
  • Vineyard Camp Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin Natural Life
  • Lilith camping
  • Mandala Camping
  • Kabak Valley Camping
  • sea valley bungalows
  • Sultan Camp

Paid and Free Kabak Koyu Campground

Kabak Bay camping area, you are probably requesting either a paid or free area. It should be noted that there are no special services in free places. You may have difficulty in meeting your needs such as WC, bathroom, market, electricity and refrigerator. Of course, you may be one of those who think that this is the spirit of camping. Paid places, on the other hand, are businesses established for those who love comfort. Again, you are in the heart of nature, but you also benefit from many services. Of course you have to pay a fee for this. Now let’s get into the details.

Yerdeniz Kamp: A Paradise in Kabak Bay

In our Kabak bay camping area list, we will recommend you Yerdeniz Camping area, which is one of the heavens on earth. This is one of the most valuable places in the region intertwined with nature. You are completely in the forest. Tents are not to the bottom . You can experience a comfortable and spacious camping process. How far is it to the sea? You set up a tent 300 meters away from the sea. Its special facilities and hygiene level are also very satisfactory. On the other hand, the nights are colorful with mini concerts and live performances.

Address: Uzunyurt Mah , Kabak Bay Oludeniz- Faralya , 48340 Fethiye/Mugla

Phone: 0 534 706 60 31

Website: yerdenizkamp.com

Fee: Paid / You can get a price by calling the business

Services: WC, Internet, Shower, Electricity, Washbasin, Market

Shiva Camp : Natural Wonder of Kabak Bay

It is a wonderful place where you can see nature and the sea from a panoramic angle Shiva Camp area. Kabak Bay has wonderful features that deserve to be on the camping area list. There are also bungalow services for accommodation within the area. In addition, if you request, tent rentals are also available here. Jacuzzis in wooden houses appeal to those who love comfort and relaxation. One of the distinctive features that distinguishes this place from other areas is the pools. You can enjoy in the cool pool during the hot summer months.

Address: Kabak Mah. No: 41 Faralya Village Mugla, 48300 Fethiye/ Mugla

Phone: (0 252) 642 10 50

Website: kabobshivacamp.com

Fee: Paid / You can get a price by calling the business

Services: WC, Internet, Shower, Electricity, Washbasin, Market, Pool

Bağ Kamp Kabak: In Nature and Sea View

Bağ Kamp is a place that matches its name. You feel like you are in a real connection. It also has a wonderful sea view. You set up your tent on the hillside. This is a private business. They give you tent service. But that doesn’t mean you can’t set up your own tent. Of course, you have the right to pitch a tent. You only pay rent. You have to walk a little to enter the sea, but it is not far.

Address: Faralya District, Kabak Street, No: 34, 48300 Fethiye/Muğla

Phone: 0 532 553 04 48

Fee: Paid / You can get a price by calling the business

Services: WC, Internet, Shower, Electricity, Washbasin, Market, Parking Lot

Kabak Natural Life: Camping in the Heart of Nature

The closest place to the sea on our Kabak camping area list is the Natural Life region. It is enough to take a few steps to enter the sea. There is a private business and bungalow or tent rental service. Whoever wants to set up the tent he brought with him. The cafe and bar make a great option. You can have a relaxing entertainment at night .

Address: Kabak Koyu no40, 48300 Fethiye/Mugla

Phone: (0 252) 642 11 85

Instagram: naturallifepumpkin

Fee: Paid / You can get a price by calling the business

Services: WC, Internet, Shower, Electricity, Washbasin, Market, Cafe, Bar

Lilith Camping : An Unusual Camping Site in Kabak Bay

They have great bungalows. In addition, Gypsy Wardos offer you a unique accommodation experience. Besides the accommodation options, there are also delicious food presentations. Those who say I love comfort can benefit from both accommodation and dining options.

Address: Kabak Mahallesi, Fethiye Muğla TR, 48300 Fethiye

Phone: (0 252) 642 12 17

Website : lilithcamping.com

Fee: Paid / You can get a price by calling the business

Services: WC, Internet, Shower, Electricity, Washbasin, Market, Cafe, Bar, Dining

Mandala Camping : A Wonderful Place Overlooking the Bay

Mandala Camping is a great place where you can look down on the bay and the forest . It is surrounded by trees. It has a large pool. The view in this pool is truly unique. The design of the bungalows will also amaze you. They provide an area where they can set up tents for those who wish. Of course, they do this for a fee. Internet and private car parks are also a nice detail.

Address: Faralya Mah. Kabak St. No:124, 48300 Fethiye/Mugla

Phone: 0 530 083 48 00

Instagram: mandala.camping

Fee: Paid / You can get a price by calling the business

Services: WC, Internet, Shower, Electricity, Washbasin, Market, Cafe, Bar, Dining, Parking Lot

Kabak Bay Campground Prices

Price issues are always on the agenda of travelers. However, different concepts and tariffs are applied in price tariffs. If you are going to set up your own tent, of course, you are faced with more reasonable costs. But the costs of bungalow accommodation increase even more. Because most Kabak Bay campsites are now in service with bed and breakfast. It is possible to say that they provide a kind of hotel comfort. Let’s take a look at the prices then…

Price list of camping areas in Kabak Bay:

  • Tent rental from the business / Daily – 250 TL
  • Setting up your own tent / Daily – 100 TL
  • Bungalow rental / Daily – 700 TL
  • Bungalow accommodation including breakfast / Daily – 1000 TL

These prices are purely representative. For sure, the numbers will change over time. For this reason, we have mentioned above the phones of businesses. You can call them and find out how much accommodation they offer in the new season .

Finally, we invite you to our paragliding activity while making plans to choose a Kabak Bay camping area and come here. You can take your adrenaline level to the highest limits by participating in the most entertaining event of the region. We welcome you to our flight school. You can make your reservations now. As SKY Fethiye , we wish you good holidays and peaceful days.


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