Marmaris Event Calendar 2022


Marmaris event calendar 2022 programs have started to be determined gradually. In Marmaris, one of the most heavenly holiday regions of our country, holidaymakers have unlimited entertainment throughout the summer season. It promises unique experiences with its untouched bays, blue flag sea and adrenaline sports. During the day, it is almost impossible to stay in place at this location and get bored . There is a choice of activities suitable for everyone’s sense of entertainment. When it is evening and darkness falls on the city, the climate changes and individuals open the doors of unlimited entertainment with their stage performances.

Every year, Marmaris hosts more than a million tourists. At the same time, it is the apple of the eye of domestic tourists. It is almost impossible to find a place in hotels in June, July and August . Of course, nightlife and festival organizations have a great impact on this. Marmaris festival 2022 list is also quite colorful as it is every year. How would you like to relieve the tiredness of the whole winter with these activities? If you answered yes, be sure to include the suggestions in the rest of the article in your plans.

Marmaris Event Calendar 2022
Marmaris Event Calendar 2022

a difficult pandemic period. For a long time, festivals are either not held or cancelled. What was accomplished was dispirited in the shadow of the pandemic . But this year the situation is different! Marmaris event calendar 2022 lists are full and have high energy. This year’s organizers have been specially prepared. Marmaris will host all kinds of electronic music, leading names of rap, jazz, pop and arabesque music. Music lovers will also have to experience the fun. So , what’s in the Marmaris concerts 2022 program? Here are the details…

Marmaris Festival 2022

Marmaris is a paradise with its green nature and untouched bays. It is a district that has received awards from many international institutions in terms of tourism. As such, the influx of tourists becomes inevitable. Although every season of the year has unique beauties, as you can imagine, this place is another beautiful place in summer. Along with the mobility, there is an increase in the number of events, concerts and festivals. So what’s in the Marmaris festival 2022 calendar? Let’s take a look at the answer together…

2022 Marmaris Festivals:

  • Marmaris International Culture and Art Festival
  • İdil Biret Music Festival
Marmaris Event Calendar 2022
Marmaris Event Calendar 2022

A.      Marmaris International Culture and Art Festival

This year, Marmaris is preparing for a feast of stars. The culture and art festival, which is the most prominent festival within the scope of Marmaris event calendar 2022 , blends many different music genres together. Holidaymakers will now get the music they deserve after the pandemic problem they have been experiencing for a long time . If you do not have a mania between 10-28 June, we strongly recommend you to attend.

This year’s motto of the festival is “Don’t be born from the ashes”. Really it is. In 2022, there will be a kind of resurrection event in the art and music industry. Not only for the artists, but also for the music lovers, they will have the Marmaris festival performances they missed so much. The event is organized by Marmaris Municipality. The list of artists is as follows:

  • Amadeus Electric Quartet
  • Fazil Say
  • Kerem Gorsev
  • Boğaziçi Youth Choir
  • Ilyas Mirzayev
  • Purpose Orchestra

B.      İdil Biret Music Festival

Biriet , one of the traditional festivals in Muğla , will be held once again in 2022. Orchestras, which tell us about the wonderful journey of art and art history with music, offer a fascinating alternative especially for classical music lovers. It is worth saying that it is organized by the municipality. For this reason, ticket prices are also offered for sale at very reasonable rates. Idil Biret for Marmaris festival 2022 is an event that should definitely be experienced.

Marmaris Concert Calendar 2022

Night activities are an important issue for holidaymakers. Because individuals want to continue their entertainment during the day without slowing down. Thus, the short-term holiday period is full for them. Of course, it is possible to meet these demands with the Marmaris event calendar 2022 list. We talked about festivals earlier. Now we will talk about the concerts that will take place throughout the season…

Marmaris Concert Calendar 2022
Marmaris Concert Calendar 2022

Marmaris concert 2022 is already a matter of curiosity. We must say in advance that this curiosity is really worth it. Because the famous names with which you will have unforgettable entertainment will appear on the stages of Marmaris this year. Rap, pop, jazz, arabesque, classical, in short, there is a concert suitable for every individual. Here are the details…

Marmaris Concerts of 2022:

  • Fazil Say – Monday, June 20 / Amphitheater
  • Mor ve Ötesi – Monday, July 11 / Amphitheater
  • Cem Adrian – Wednesday, July 13 – Amphitheater
  • Face to Face – Saturday, July 30 / Amphitheater
  • Sıla – Saturday, August 6 / Amphitheater
  • Buray – Friday, 19 August / Amphitheater

1.      Classical Music Recital by Piano Master: Fazil Say

Fazıl Say is one of the first artists that comes to mind when piano master is mentioned, not only in our country but also in the world. The artist, who is one of the special names of the era we live in, continues his tour of Turkey. The artist, who is preparing to meet with his fans as part of the Marmaris events calendar 2022 , will be at the Amphitheater on Monday, June 20. Tickets are on sale. You can get your spot before it runs out.

2.      Rock Music in Marmaris: Mor ve Ötesi

Mor ve Ötesi is one of the pioneering groups of rock music culture in our country. They have established a throne in the hearts of music lovers with the numerous albums they have released throughout their music career. They also successfully represented us in the Eurovision music contest they participated in. The Marmaris stage of their summer tour, which they recently started , will be held on July 11 with the organization of KerkiSolfej . The event will be on the amphitheater stage. Definitely add this wonderful Marmaris concert 2022 proposal to your plans.

3.      Free Musician of Music: Cem Adrian

One of the most striking performances of the Marmaris event calendar 2022 list is the Cem Adrian concert. The artist, who makes sold-out music in every stage he appears and touches the hearts of millions with his albums, is planning an unforgettable night for the people of Marmaris this time. If you don’t have a plan on the night of July 13, definitely don’t miss this concert. It is worth noting that tickets are also on sale.

4.      Rising Group of Recent Years: We Talk Face to Face

music group “Face to Face” has made a big impact in the digital music industry in recent years with their singles . So much so that some of its tracks became one of the most listened to on Spotify charts. The group will take the stage in the summer of 2022 as part of the Marmaris concerts . Fans are already pretty excited. Artists are also excited as they will be performing here for the first time. In short, a beautiful night awaits us…

5.      Turkish Slow Music: Sıla

Sıla is undoubtedly one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to slow music in Turkey . Every time a new song is released, the charts shake and set trends in music. It is possible to say that it is one of the most popular 2022 Marmaris concerts . If you don’t have a mania on Saturday, August 6th and want to experience a unique music experience , we invite you to the Amphitheater stage . You will definitely not regret it…

6.      Artist Reflecting His Own Style in Music: Buray

In the music market, we rarely come across original styles from recent years. It is possible to say Buray is one of these names and even the most important one. Since 2019, every single song he has released has been a hit and millions of people listen to it fondly. This time, the artist will perform his favorite songs for his fans on the stage of Marmaris Amphitheater . You are invited to the Buray concert on the night of 19 August .


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