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When summer comes and the weather starts to warm up, Marmaris paragliding plans begin for holidaymakers. The number of regulars of this activity every year, as well as the number of people who have never experienced it in their lifetime, is quite high. The sky is everyone’s passion. Everyone from 7 to 70 wants to taste the pleasure of flying and freedom at least once in their life. Sometimes there is no time for this, and sometimes fears prevent it. But it is possible to overcome all these with Marmaris paragliding and open the doors of unlimited adventure.

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How would you like to overcome your fears and meet with the sky that you dream of so much this summer season? If you answer yes, we invite you to a unique process. You are not dealing with the supply of equipment or the transportation problem. Our flight school has thought of all the details for you down to the last detail. All you have to do is enjoy a high dose of fun. SKY Fethiye continues to be with the flight enthusiasts in the Marmaris region, as it is throughout the country.

Marmaris paragliding are carried out at Babadağ summit, which is very close to the region. Considered as the most beautiful track not only in Turkey but also in the world, thousands of people flock to the track every year just for this activity, attracting attention especially with its height. Imagine leaving your feet in the void from an altitude of 1900 meters. Of course, the journey starts above the clouds and continues over Ölüdeniz Beach.

How to Paraglide in Marmaris?

One of the biggest problems for those who live in Marmaris or come here for a holiday is how to paraglide. Unfortunately, there is no efficient runway and professional flight school suitable for this activity in the region. Of course, this is not a situation that will prevent you from flying. Because Fethiye, which is very close to the region, has the most beautiful and high quality of this sport. But how to do paragliding in Marmaris? Here are the details…

The process first starts with the reservation process. You create your reservation record through SKY Fethiye communication tools. Then the flight day and dates are determined. After this process, our company informs you about the private transfer service. On the day of your jump, our special vehicle takes you from your hotel and you come to the area where the jump will take place in a comfortable way. The process starts right here. Our experienced trainers give you a short training. Finally, you run along the track with your pilot and let yourself go down the slope into the void.

Is There Any Place To Jump With A Parachute In Marmaris?

Marmaris, one of the paradise holiday resorts of our country, opens its doors to thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. It is impossible not to leave here happy as it has every detail that should be on a holiday in its region . It has a wide variety of entertainment activities from safari tours to horseback riding, scuba diving and nature trips. But is there any place to jump with a parachute in Marmaris? The answer will unfortunately be no.

It is best to jump from Fethiye by parachute. This situation does not change no matter where you are in the country. Babadag is a track with great prestige around the world. Especially if it is to be experienced for the first time, this place should be preferred. Unfortunately, jumps made from low altitude tracks cannot provide the desired enjoyment. Our flight school continues to stand by you to meet your Marmaris paragliding demands. Whether it’s summer or winter, we make these special moments in your life enjoyable with our professional service principles.

Where to do Paragliding in Marmaris?

place to jump with a parachute in Marmaris , we should mention that such an opportunity is not possible within the borders of the region. As a matter of fact, the city does not have such a need. Right next to it, there is already the most popular track in the world. It is possible to reach this track with a short-distance transfer journey. We are already solving this problem practically with our special tools. Our special services, which we remove with budget-friendly prices, pick you up from your hotel and drop you off back to your hotel.

Babadag flights take quite a long time as they are jumped from high altitude. On a day with good weather conditions, you float in the air for an average of 30 minutes. The flight is completely controlled by the pilots. The control of the parachute is with them during the Marmaris paragliding process. After your activity is completed, the transfer process starts again and we transfer you to your hotel comfortably. Of course, you do not have to use this service of ours. If you wish, you can come with your own private vehicle or you can also use the intercity buses .

Best Company in Marmaris Parachuting

Marmaris paragliding activity today. However, when it comes to flying, the element of safety comes to the fore. An experienced company and professional pilots must come together to ensure safety. Today, SKY Fethiye is always in the first place for those who are looking for the best company. Undoubtedly, years of experience and unchanging principles in activities have a great impact on this.

In order to be the best company, many factors must come together completely. The quality of the equipment, the experience of the pilots, the visionary approach of the school and of course the price policy. Although each of them may seem independent from each other, when they come together, they form a whole, that is, the best company. You don’t need to go far in your search for paragliding companies in Marmaris. Everything you need for a flight with SKY Fethiye is available.

Marmaris Paragliding Tours

Marmaris paragliding tours are carried out with shuttle vehicles departing from the region. You have the opportunity to experience the most special activity of your life by participating in these tours, whether with your family or alone. Moreover, with rates that will not shake your holiday budgets… But how can you be included in tour programs? What needs to be done to jump with a parachute? Is it possible to jump without experience? We have answered all these questions for you with details.

First of all, all you need to do to be included in Marmaris paragliding tours is to make a reservation. Other than that, you don’t need to be trained or buy any equipment. Every detail is thought out to the smallest detail by your flight school and fulfilled completely. If you want to use the private transfer option, we recommend that you specify this at the time of booking. Otherwise, you will have to make a round trip by your own means.

Marmaris Paragliding Weight Limit

There are some rules in Marmaris paragliding activity, just like in other adrenaline sports. These rules cannot be changed or stretched. Thanks to these principles, the safety of individuals is ensured at the highest level. At the beginning of the rules is the weight limit. Weight limits in parachuting differ between men and women. In addition, it is evaluated in two different categories as lower and upper limits. It would be more accurate to summarize the details by making a list.

Paragliding weight limits:

  • Men’s lower weight limit in parachuting: 45 kg.
  • The upper limit for men in parachuting: 100 kg.
  • Lower weight limit for women in parachuting: 45 kg.
  • Women’s upper weight limit in skydiving: 85 kg.

To do the paragliding sport, you must comply with the weight limits above. In this way, the flight becomes safer and more enjoyable. It should not be forgotten that all these rules and restrictions have been created to ensure your flight safety. Already, SKY Fethiye has been in the leading position of its sector for more than 15 years thanks to these inflexible and unchanging principles.

Who Cannot Do Marmaris Paragliding?

Anyone from 7 to 70 can do paragliding. The important thing is that the health conditions and weight structure are suitable for this activity. Other than that, no distinction is made. Children also have the right to skydive. Hundreds of young flight enthusiasts jump over the Babadağ runway during the summer months. So let’s list some situations that prevent you from participating in this adventure. If you have one of the conditions on this list, you cannot join a tandem flight.

  1. You must be within the weight limits. While the upper limit for women is 85 kilos, this figure is determined as 100 kilos for men.
  2. It is forbidden to participate in a tandem flight while intoxicated. This is a strict rule for all flight schools. Because while you are in the air, you can risk the safety of the pilot as well as put yourself at risk.
  3. This activity is not recommended for individuals with severe chronic diseases such as heart disease and hypertension. While not a strict rule, this is a recommendation.

Is Marmaris Paragliding Dangerous?

Now let’s move on to the answer to the most curious question about Marmaris paragliding . Is skydiving dangerous? its problematic is wondered by everyone who has not soared in the sky before. Most of the time, many participants are content to watch this sport from afar due to security concerns. However, paragliding, one of the safest sports in the world, has no dangers. Actually, this is not a statement. It is based on a scientific basis. Here are the details…

According to a study by European scientists, playing football carries a seven times greater risk of death than skydiving. This detail alone is an indication of how safe and risk-free the activity is. Of course, flight schools have a great role in ensuring this. But at the same time, there are some responsibilities that fall on the participants as well. A flawless flight process emerges when both parties follow the rules completely.

Marmaris Paragliding Prices

Marmaris paragliding prices are also wondered by the tourists in the region in 2022. There is no clear tariff between schools in this regard. Each school determines the rate according to its own quality and criteria. Last year, the flight price was around 900 TL. Jumps were made from these numbers throughout the season. But this year’s season prices have been updated. Here are the details…

Due to the volatile exchange rate fluctuations in our country, there are instantaneous changes in skydiving prices. Paragliding, which is determined as 150 dollars for 2022, has the risk of changing during the season. For this reason, we always recommend choosing the early booking option. In this way, participants are not affected by the updated and increasing prices.

Marmaris paragliding price in 2022:

  • Skydiving price per person: $150
  • Price for 2 people skydiving: $300
  • 3 person tandem flight fee: $450
  • Paragliding fee for 4 people: $600
  • Flight photo and video shooting fee: $25
  • Transfer service fee: Please contact

To join the flight, you can take advantage of our private transfer service when arriving from Marmaris to Fethiye. Your journey will be comfortable in the spacious and spacious vehicles that we provide exclusively for the participants of our flight school. Moreover, we provide this to you with very small numbers. Service hours are generally as follows:

Monday 8:00 – 10:00 18:00 – 20:00
Tuesday 8:00 – 10:00 18:00 – 20:00
Wednesday 8:00 – 10:00 18:00 – 20:00
Thursday 8:00 – 10:00 18:00 – 20:00
Friday 8:00 – 10:00 18:00 – 20:00
Saturday 8:00 – 10:00 18:00 – 20:00
Sunday 8:00 – 10:00 18:00 – 20:00


The transfer times mentioned above may differ during the season. For this reason, you can obtain the most up-to-date information from our call center during reservation.

How Much Is Parachuting in Marmaris?

parachuting in Marmaris , as we mentioned before, flights are carried out in Fethiye Ölüdeniz region. You don’t just do paragliding when you come here. At the same time, you can swim in the unique beach of Ölüdeniz, stroll among the ancient ruins of TIos and even have fun until the first light of the morning with its unique nightlife. This place offers you much more than entertainment. The tour price was determined on the average of 150 dollars, excluding transportation. In addition, if you want to immortalize this special moment with photos, you only pay 25 dollars.

How Much Is Marmaris Paragliding?

Marmaris paragliding price , services such as transportation and photo shooting are not included. Flights are $150 raw. This price includes the use of equipment. No additional fees will be charged from you. If you want to benefit from the transportation service, then an additional service fee is charged. Its price information is also given to you over the phone.

It is only an hour and a half away from Marmaris to Fethiye. On the early morning journey, you can take a break at a nice mixed breakfast, and after you get your energy, you can join us at the Babadağ track. The pre-flight minutes will be very exciting. Because for the first time you will experience the feelings of a bird. When you leave your feet in the void from 1900 meters, a real adventure will begin for you. You will throw your stress and tiredness all year in the sky.

Marmaris Tandem Price

Tired of the routine fun of the holiday process? Do you want to collect unforgettable memories with a different adventure? Then we invite you to our Marmaris paragliding event. This event, where you will collect perhaps the most special memories of your life, is offered to you at affordable prices. The price may seem a little high compared to other activities. However, it should not be forgotten that the price of soaring like birds in the sky for 30 minutes cannot be paid for at any price.

Marmaris tandem price is realized at the rate of 150 dollars for 2022. Although there may be different updates throughout the season, this is the general average. Already when you use SKY Fethiye communication tools, our call representatives inform you if there is any price change. We would like to state that we always have reliable, friendly and budget-friendly prices.

How many km is it from Fethiye to Marmaris?

The distance between Fethiye and Marmaris is very short. It is possible to cover the distance of 124 kilometers by car with an average of 1 and a half hours of driving. By intercity bus, it can take up to 2 hours. The most ideal transportation for those who want to participate in Marmaris paragliding tour is the shuttle service offered by SKY Fethiye. Individuals who will participate in the tandem flight are transferred every day with large and luxurious vehicles. While you are safely transported, you can enjoy the view with a cup of coffee on the way.

Finally, we would like to state that we will be happy to see you in the SKY Fethiye family. We care about this special activity for you and we are working to provide the best solutions to your demands. When you choose us, you will reach the most enjoyable form of tandem flight. We wish you good holidays and pleasant flights in advance.


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