Nature Activities to Do in Fethiye

Nature Activities to Do in Fethiye

It’s winter ahead of us, and everyone has already started to search for places to take a little winter vacation. If you haven’t decided yet, we know a place where you can take a short weekend getaway or fill your semester break with fun-filled moments. Fethiye . Now come the sea, the sand, the sun; Let’s take a look at what nature activities are done in Fethiye, which is famous for its bays, nature and scenery.


Can we paraglide in winter? “We can hear you say. Our answer is “Yes, you can!”. The cold weather in winter does not prevent you from paragliding . As long as the weather is not rainy, windy or foggy, you can paraglide in any season.

Fethiye Babadag, with its unforgettable view , has visitors not only from Turkey but from all over the world; Paragliding is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to paragliding. If you want to learn more about Fethiye Babadağ paragliding, you can find our related article here .

Nature Activities to Do in Fethiye

ATV Safari

ATV has become the biggest passion of nature lovers in search of adrenaline and adventure in recent years. Therefore, it is one of the choices of those who want to experience exciting moments in nature. ATV vehicles that can adapt to all kinds of natural conditions give you; offers the opportunity of a winter holiday where you can push your limits and collect unforgettable memories with yourself, your friends or family. For more detailed information about Fethiye ATV safari tours, which we organize as Sky Fethiye, you can review our related article .


Jeep Safari

fethiye atv safari tour
fethiye atv

You may be saying that I cannot drive an ATV, but I cannot have a vacation without a safari. Then we have a great safari option for you too. Jeep Safari. You can observe the beauties of nature closely; Jeep Safari, full of adrenaline and adventure, where you can collect unforgettable memories with your friends, lover or family, is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do in Fethiye during the winter months. If you want to spend your winter holiday different from everyone else and to the fullest, you can read our article about Fethiye Jeep Safari here .

Nature Activities to Do in Fethiye

Horse Tour

Horse tours are not the first activities that come to mind when it comes to holiday in Fethiye. However, horse tours; It is one of the most enjoyable and entertaining activities you can do to spice up your holiday and make it unique. The horse tour, which will be the complementary activity of your holiday and other activities you will do in Fethiye, will become an unforgettable part of your Fethiye holiday thanks to our furry and cute friends. To learn more about the horse tours we organize, you can review the frequently asked questions section in our related article .


When we think of scuba diving, we immediately think of the summer season. Vacationers think of diving as an activity done in summer in our country. But the truth of the matter is not like that. Scuba diving, which is an extreme sport, is an activity that can be done in every season and every month of the year. Ölüdeniz is one of the most popular topics in scuba diving in Turkey.

If you want to enjoy your winter holiday in the vast waters of Ölüdeniz, accompanied by our experienced diver team, we are waiting for you in Fethiye Ölüdeniz. You can find more information about Fethiye scuba diving in our related article .

If you want to crown your holiday with enjoyable activities such as paragliding, atv safari, jeep safari, horse tour or scuba diving and to collect memories that will not be forgotten for many years with your friends, lover or family; You can follow us on Instagram , Twitter , Facebook or YouTube , and you can contact us through our communication channels to get detailed information about our activities and prices.