Ölüdeniz ATV Tour


Ölüdeniz ATV tour , you have the opportunity to spend 2 hours in the heart of nature. Every individual who comes to this region on holiday first experiences paragliding and then has a different experience with ATV safari. In this process where many natural discoveries are made, the feeling of adrenaline is experienced at the highest level. But where is the safari held? When is it starting? How much does it cost? As the SKY Fethiye brand, we will answer all your questions.

Oludeniz ATV Safari Tour

As in all Ölüdeniz activities, no experience is required in ATV activity. You don’t even need to go into a preparation process. We provide you with a process that will focus entirely on having fun. With lots of photos and videos you will take, you will have the opportunity to collect more holiday memories than ever before.

Oludeniz ATV tour , the first thing you need to do is make a reservation by contacting us. After your activity day is finalized, you will only need to take sports shoes and sunglasses with you. You don’t need to rent or buy any equipment. Everything is provided to you by us. We recommend you to come with sports shoes because you can use this land vehicle more comfortably. Sunglasses are also a detail that will further increase your vision in dusty environments.

Many advantages will be waiting for you in the ATV event you will participate in with the tour. First of all, we pick you up from your hotel by private vehicle and transfer you to the point where the event will start. After the end, we transfer you to the hotel where you are staying in the same way. Everything has been thought of by us for your comfort and entertainment. The use of equipment is also included in the tour fee. We also provide private insurance for you. Because we care about your health.

Oludeniz ATV Tour Photo and Video Shooting

Everyone wants to record their beautiful moments and show them to their loved ones and turn them into a memory for years to come. He even wishes to share his beautiful moments with others by sharing them on his social media accounts. Ölüdeniz ATV tour offers great opportunities for this request. Along the route, you witness unique landscapes. Recording with your own camera or phone is not allowed. Because this puts your driving at risk and puts other participants at risk. So what can be done?

We do the shooting professionally. For an extra small fee, we capture your best poses at the event and finally give them to you in an archived form. While you are experiencing the adrenaline in the best way, we already do everything you demand.

Oludeniz ATV Tour Prices

Summer vacation is often costly. However, the activities are even lower this season. Oludeniz ATV tour prices are very reasonable in summer compared to winter . For exact figures, our customer representatives help via phone lines or WhatsApp application. You can benefit from the best prices of the region during your reservation. Please note that the fee is charged per person. Anyone older than their age can participate. If you wish, you can complete the activity on an ATV with 2 people.

paragliding activity to the Ölüdeniz ATV tour, you will have these two more advantageous. We also undertake all kinds of activities in the region such as boat tours, jeep safaris and horseback riding. You can participate in each of them separately, or you can benefit from our package campaigns . Contact us to get information about developments and details. Have a nice vacation.


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