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Oludeniz Rental Villa… Ölüdeniz is one of the most valuable holiday paradises in Turkey and the world. Those who want to have a holiday here are in search of villas for rent in Ölüdeniz . Although it has many 5-star concepts in terms of hotels, for some people, vacation means an independent life. Especially crowded families and individuals who have adopted a conservative life prefer to stay in villas instead of very busy tourism facilities. Fortunately, the region has a feature that offers many options to individuals in this regard.

Oludeniz region offers everything a vacationer dreams of with its deep blue sea, untouched coves, paradise nature and paragliding. During the holiday, it is possible to find an activity every day, a concert every night and a taste stop every morning. Of course, in order to have, live and realize all these, accommodation preferences must be created as the first step. There are many accommodation options in Oludeniz region. Oludeniz Rental Villa Let’s look at some of them.

Oludeniz accommodation options:

  1. Accommodation in hotels
  2. Accommodation in rental house
  3. Accommodation in a rental villa
  4. Accommodation with caravan
  5. Accommodation with tent

Everyone has a style and expectations that they understand from accommodation. Some want an ultra-luxury service in 5-star hotels to relieve their tiredness during the season, while others want to enjoy a quiet villa with a pool with children. For those who want a rental villa in Ölüdeniz, we have compiled the property options both on the seafront and in the interior. Be sure to consider these recommendations before creating your holiday plans.

Oludeniz Rental Villa
Oludeniz Rental Villa

Oludeniz Villa For Rent From Owner

The region has a very diverse structure in terms of villa concept. Since every physical location is very close to the sea and within walking distance, rental villa alternatives are increasing. Everyone who comes to Ölüdeniz dreams of the day when it will come again. Accommodation quality also contributes to this. Scenic and conservative concepts are more preferred in 2022. In this respect, we have created a list of the most beautiful detached houses. Happy reading. Oludeniz Rental Villa

Villas for rent by owner in Ölüdeniz :

  • Makaron 6-person ultra-luxury villa – 0 (532) 681 10 48
  • Oludeniz villa with pool – 0 (532) 787 28 38
  • 4+1 villa with detached pool – 0 (541) 595 48 59
  • Oludeniz conservative family villa for 8 people – 0 (538) 657 50 20
  • 4+1 conservative villa with indoor pool – 0 (507) 496 46 49
  • Oludeniz villa for rent with private pool – 0 (537) 621 18 97

There is definitely an Oludeniz villa for rent for individuals of all styles. These properties are in high demand during the season. If you make an early reservation, you will both benefit from the opportunities and have no difficulty in finding a villa.

Oludeniz Rental Villa Prices

Let’s come to one of the most important factors, namely the prices of villas for rent in Ölüdeniz . Rates are updated every season. Looking at the 2022 lists, it is possible to see that there has been a slight increase in price increases compared to 2021. Houses near the sea are rented for a daily fee of between 2,000 TL and 4,500 TL. Of course, this may vary depending on the quality of the property and the services it offers to users . We recommend that you look for a concept that fits your budget in your choices. For this reason, we will list the rental rates of the villas.

Daily rental prices of villas in Ölüdeniz :

  • Ölüdeniz 2,400 TL – 4,000 TL
  • Ölüdeniz is 3,600 TL – 4,800 TL
  • Villa rental with private pool 2,100 TL – 5,200 TL
  • Economic villa rental 1.100 TL – 2.600 TL
  • Oludeniz conservative villa rental 3.400 TL – 4.900 TL
  • Seafront villas for rent 4,900 TL – 6,800 TL
  • Oludeniz villa with jacuzzi 2,800 TL – 4,200 TL

It was written that the prices will be representative for the summer of 2022 and the winter of 2023. Changes can be seen instantly. The only way to learn a net TL is to contact the lessor company or person. Before creating your holiday planning, call and get price information.

Oludeniz Rental Villa with Pool

When it comes to detached house, the first demand of individuals is the pool. Because on holiday, families want to have fun with their children in a safe and private pool. Most of the villas in Oludeniz region have private pools. Some also have an indoor pool option. This option doesn’t just appeal to conservative families. Likewise, it offers a wonderful process to newly married couples who prefer Ölüdeniz for their honeymoon.

Ölüdeniz are at a level where a family can swim comfortably. In general, a swimming area is built as wide as the capacity of the house. In other words, for a villa for 6 people, 8-10 people can easily enjoy the pool. In short-term rentals, the pool is cleaned and delivered, and this water protects itself for 2-3 days. But if you make a long-term rental, then at certain periods the attendants come and chlorinate the water. In this way, you have a hygienic process.

Oludeniz Villa For Rent Conservative

Conservative life is the adoption of a special style and lifestyle in many matters. Individuals want to fulfill the requirements of the religion of Islam in the best way possible. These rules manifest themselves in every period of life. Including the holiday. Although there are hotels in the Ölüdeniz region that include conservatives , overcrowding prevents women in hijab from having a comfortable process. For this reason, the best option is to rent a villa. You can enjoy both the pool and the greenery in a large and spacious living area of your own.

Oludeniz Features in conservative villas:

  1. Every detail in the living area is created on the basis of privacy. Landscaping is also carried out in this direction. No one will see you from the outside.
  2. You can easily swim in your private pool as privacy is provided.
  3. You will have a comfortable sunbathing process on the green grass.
  4. There are special architectural designs where you can easily make ablution.
  5. It was built in areas away from the excessive noise of the city.

Oludeniz Rental Villa Daily

For holidaymakers, the number of days the villas can be rented is also an important problem. Because everyone’s budget or time is not enough for 7 days. For this reason, can I rent a villa for 2 days? One day in Ölüdeniz Questions arise such as whether the villa can be rented. Although not for every concept, many of them offer this option to their customers for one night. In other words, when you enter in the morning, you can take a vacation to leave the next morning. However, let’s say that it is a bit costly in terms of price. A villa that you would normally pay 2,000 TL per day for a week can go up to 3,500 TL for one-night rentals. Create your program in the light of this information and detail.

Oludeniz Rental Villa
Oludeniz Rental Villa

Oludeniz Villa For Rent By The Sea

Finally, let’s talk about renting Oludeniz villas by the sea. Of course, the sea is the most important element of the holiday. Not only entering, but even watching it from afar gives peace of mind. There are houses in the region that meet this demand, albeit in limited numbers. However, it finds buyers with high prices in terms of cost. In other words, if you want to find the sea in front of you when you wake up in the morning, you will have to sacrifice an average of 5,000 TL per night.

We are ending our Oludeniz villa rental article here. If you found it productive , we invite you to our Paragliding event. You can’t come here and not fly. SKY Fethiye wishes you a good holiday in advance.

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