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Parachute Jumping… Everyone who has a passion for the sky wants to jump with a parachute at least once in their life and make this dream come true. Today, the simplest way to fly and make the birds jealous is parachutes. Although it emerged as a war tool when viewed as a historical origin, it has become an adrenaline material to a large extent today. There are many flying years. For some, it is necessary to reach a height of 5-6 thousand meters with an airplane, while for others it is enough to find only a slope. In this article, we will share everything you can do with a parachute and its features. Be sure to read until the very end.

What is Skydiving?

parachute jumping when a sufficient height is achieved, allowing the person to leave himself in the void and descending safely to the ground thanks to the equipment called parachute. There are many different types of parachutes as well as different jumping methods. Today’s most preferred ones are skydiving and paragliding. Jumping with parachutes is the simplest way to have a safe, exciting yet unique experience.

People usually fly with aircraft such as airplanes and helicopters. However, the experience of these vehicles will not satisfy any sky enthusiast. The only method that will make you feel more natural and involved is parachutes. 500 meters and above is the ideal level, but the most enjoyable and safe flights take place at a distance of 2000 meters and above. These numbers can become much more challenging in Skydiving activity. In our country, the place where you can fly paragliding from the highest point is on the Babadağ track in Fethiye.

How to Parachute Jump?

How you choose to skydive depends on the type of parachute and activity you choose. The general principle is to establish a certain height. It could be an airplane or a mountain peak. In addition, the fact that it is an open and flat area is an important factor in parachuting. Your visibility will be clear and you will get the safe ground you need for landing. In the sport of skydiving, after jumping from the plane, a rapid fall is performed with the belly dive position. During this process, different styles and movements can be tried. When it comes to the last 600 – 700 meters, the parachute opens and the landing takes place.

creates the most comfortable, enjoyable and safe process of paragliding type. Since it is normally jumped directly with a parachute, it is also possible to jump from low-level heights. But for enjoyment and staying in the sky for a long time, it is recommended to jump over 1700 meters. In this regard, Babadağ is among the best tracks in our country and even in the world. When you jump off the slope, the air filled into the paraglider provides you with gliding force. With this glide, it creates a calm and low-shake flight state in the sky.

Where Are The Most Beautiful Places To Jump With A Parachute?

If you are aiming to jump with a paraglider, the best place for it is Fethiye. Babadağ track has a height that can reach up to 2000 altitude. In addition, the track situation has exactly the desired physical characteristics. On the other hand, experiencing the view of Ölüdeniz from above is a great opportunity for flight enthusiasts.

Types of Parachuting

After parachuting, you can exhibit different styles and movements in the sky. You are also participating in various activities as a genre. The types of parachuting we will mention below are valid for both skydiving and paragliding. You can choose one of the styles you find suitable and have this experience.

a)      Parachuting Free Jump

Free jumping is the most common type used by parachute users. It is carried out individually from an airplane or from a slope. In other words, it is a technique based on high jumping with parachute equipment alone. It is mostly performed with acrobatics and adrenaline styles. For this, it is recommended to have sufficient experience and training. But you don’t have to get a certificate to do free jumping.

b)      Parachuting Group Jump

Group jumps are valid for both skydiving and paragliding. It is generally preferred for education. It takes place in a large crowd accompanied by students and instructors. It takes turns jumping at equal intervals and then gathers everyone in the sky. Depending on the experience, different acrobatic movements or styles can be performed. In addition, we can sometimes see this type in commercial jumps. On the other hand, group jumps are made for the training of infantry in military training. This is more common in the Skydiving genre.

c)      Parachuting Night Jump

Night jumps are prohibited in tandem, that is, commercial paragliding jumps. However, it is possible to jump at night on individual flights. It is necessary to obtain permission from the authorized institutions beforehand. Not everyone can perform an arbitrary night jump as they wish. Because this is a high risk activity. Night parachuting is also common in military training. Infiltrating the enemy area for training purposes is carried out at night.

d)      Parachute Target Jumping

Targeted jumping is based on determining an area on the ground where the parachutist will land and completing the landing of the parachutist in this area. This situation can be applied both for a competitive concept and sometimes as a necessity of military training. While you are in the air, you need to adjust your speed, glide and direction correctly to land at this target. It is a very difficult method. Experience of expert paratroopers is needed.

e)      Commercial Skydiving

We will now touch on the last style among the types of skydiving. Commercial jumping is perhaps the most common form of flight we encounter today. Normally, parachuting techniques have always been given to individuality. However, the need to earn money has led people to make some changes in these sports over time. Jumps made for money are called tandem flights. Necessary precautions are taken on the aircraft and one more participant is included. While the pilot is operating the parachute, the participant experiences the sky. It is a very safe and equally enjoyable activity. Already today, more than 70% of paragliding flights are carried out in tandem.

If you want to join a tandem flight with paragliding, you should choose SKY Fethiye flight school. We are at your service with our expert pilot staff, the best quality and up-to-date parachute equipment, and our long years of experience. Our phone numbers are located in the contact section of our website. Make your reservations here.

Parachuting Prices 2023

We left the 2022 paragliding season behind. Eyes are now on the part of how much the skydiving 2023 prices will be. First of all, let’s note that you do not need to wait for the summer months for this activity. Paragliding activity continues unabated in Fethiye during winter days. So, how much can you pay to jump with a parachute this year? A service fee is expected to be between $150 and $200. Please request the exact figures by phone as the exact figures vary from day to day.

How Much to Jump with a Parachute in 2023?

In 2023, you will pay between 150 and 200 dollars for parachuting in Fethiye. There will be additions to this if extra services are also requested. For example, you pay extra for photography and video shooting. But let’s say that the most suitable company in the region is SKY Fethiye . Current flight prices are available on our website. You can also request this by phone. We give you the best sky experience. You can trust us in this regard and live your best moments with us. Have a nice day.

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