Paragliding Equipment

for those who are considering skydiving for the first time to have information about paragliding equipment . Because both the perspective of individuals towards sports changes and the level of security relaxes people. First of all, it is worth noting that flying is a serious activity and process. Accident risks may arise when jumping is not performed professionally. The quality of the equipment and its complete availability by the pilot are among them. So, what materials are used in this air sport that everyone loves and wonders about? Here are the details…

List of materials required for paragliding:

  1. Wing (Dome)
  2. Suspension Ropes
  3. carrier columns
  4. Harness
  5. Pilot parachute
  6. Helmet
  7. GPS
  8. variometer
  9. wind gauge
  10. magnetic compass
  11. Radio

Paragliding Equipment and Features

Paragliding is the most fun and the simplest to fly among air sports. But there are many factors that make this process fun and safe. Weather conditions, the geographical structure of the place to be jumped, and of course the necessary materials and equipment, as well as over the subject. Pilots can perform individual jumps using certain equipment. If he is going to make commercial flights called tandem, he needs to have a few extra supplies. We will look at these now. Here are the paragliding equipment and features…

a)      Wing: The Most Important Part of the Parachute

Paragliding is considered an aircraft. Moreover, there is no need for an extra vehicle such as an airplane or helicopter to fly. It is enough to find a high hill. The wing material is the fabric part of this aircraft. Today, it is also referred to as a canopy in a professional sense. What keeps the paraglider in the air is the air that fills the wing. This air fills into the fabric and stays there. It is produced from very durable fabrics. Because high resistance is required for a healthy flight. It is one of the materials that keeps safety at the forefront among paragliding equipment.

b)      Suspension Ropes: What Binds the Pilot to the Parachute

In our list of paragliding equipment, there are now suspension ropes. These materials consist of threads like its name. But it is separated from the ropes we know in a different place in terms of structure. Two kinds are produced today. The first of these is the yarn models used in the production of bulletproof vests. For now, it is the strongest rope material of mankind. Also known as Kevlar. It definitely won’t break. It may deform over time, but it is a quality material that will not put you at risk.

The other rope model used for paragliding is the davron material. This is a new generation material and one of the most durable threads you will ever see. Again, we see that it is used in the production of steel vests. Most of the time, they ask whether davron rope or kevlar rope is more durable. There is no answer to this. Because both have the ability to give the desired performance. Whatever it is, you can use it with peace of mind.

c)      Support Columns: Bears the Weight of a Human

For carrier columns, it is possible to say products that enable the wing ropes to be attached to the harness. As it is known, although paragliding seems like a simple product, it actually stands with many engineering systems. Every detail has its own importance. Among the paragliding equipment , the mission of the carrier columns is quite high. The entire weight of the human being is carried by this material. Therefore, high quality and durable products should be selected. On the other hand, carrier columns are a kind of braking mechanism. During flight, pilots use this mechanism to slow down speed.

d)      Harness: Harness

Like its name, these materials represent equipment. The pilot is connected to this device during flight. Cross columns work to keep the pilot tight in this assembly. An important part for a perfect flight. That’s why pilots always review their gear before flying. Thus, security is increased to the highest level.

e)      Reserve Parachute: A Safety Enhancement Equipment

Main parachutes are always produced with the highest quality. They show high durability performance. However, sometimes problems may arise due to technical problems or weather conditions. In case of such problems, a spare parachute comes into play. It is simpler and smaller than the main parachute. However, it is possible to say that it is very effective in providing security. It is mandatory to have a spare parachute on tandem flights. For individual flights, it is completely optional. If you are a beginner in this sport, we recommend you to fly with the entire paragliding equipment list.

f)       Helmet: A Must-Have Equipment for Paragliding

Helmets are among the indispensable equipment in all adrenaline sports of today. Because the head area is the first place that every person needs to protect. For this, it is important to wear a helmet before flying. Preferably chinless helmets are even more useful in this sport. Because comfort is as important as safety during flight. Although rare, disruptions can be seen during take-off or landing in parachute jumps. In such cases, helmets are a serious health preventative. Do not fly without a helmet.

g)      GPS: Essential Equipment for Navigation

GPS devices are among the indispensable paragliding equipment for beginners as well as professionals . It is very effective in finding direction. But its functionality is not limited to just that. With these equipment, you can create a route for yourself before the flight. In addition, you can have a healthier flight by marking the place where you will land in front. Make sure you have a GPS with you, especially if you are going to jump from a place where you are not experienced.

h)      Variometer: Acts as Navigation for the Pilot

For this technological equipment, we can say that it is the navigation of the pilot. It transmits the instantaneous values of the aircraft to the pilot. Reports ascent, descent and speed. According to this information, the pilot can make different maneuvers or directions in his flight. The new generation devices also have an audio feature. This is really important. Because during the flight, it informs the pilot by giving a voice warning.

i)        The Magnetic Compass: A Traditional Navigation Tool

GPS devices are new generation technological elements. There is often a risk of making mistakes. There is no compensation for such mistakes while in the air. Most importantly, all risk factors should be determined in advance and solutions should be sought accordingly. Here, magnetic compasses are products that are kept in case GPS devices do not work. With its traditional old structure, it is very durable and very effective in guiding. If you come across foggy or cloudy weather, it will help you a lot.

j)        Radio: An Important Equipment for Communication

To fly, you need to have some kind of communication device with you. You may receive an instant weather report from the ground. Information can be provided about a problem experienced on the landing strip. You use the radio for this. The phone or other new generation technologies often do not pull in the air. On the other hand, radios can be communicated very clearly. Make sure you have a walkie talkie with you.

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Here we end our paragliding equipment article. You will see that we use all these materials of your choice from the Sky Fethiye brand. Safety is the most important issue for us. In an area where we definitely do not compromise. That’s why we want to see you among us. We wish you a nice day…


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