Paragliding Falls?

The idea of flying may scare you. You may have reservations before participating in this particular activity. Will the paragliding falls as a result of this ? You can do research. Actually, this is quite natural. Because human beings always think of the opposite scenarios for something they have no experience with or a process that they are not under their control. The opposite of flying is falling. Psychology pushes people to question this concept. But this is not true. Because paragliding does not fall. This is not a verbal discourse, but the result of statistical science.

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In fact, we can evaluate the reliability of flying by taking another aircraft, airplanes, as an example. Today, it has the most reliable position in passenger transportation. But those with a fear of heights tend to be afraid of this aircraft as well. The sky is always a safe place. Does the paraglider fall? For those who are wondering, we can say that there is no risk of falling when the conditions, the must-haves and the must-haves factors are taken into account.

We should also look at this issue from the perspective of an adrenaline sport. The general feature of adrenaline sports is that there are some risks to the life of the participants. The dosage of adventure is directly proportional to the size of this risk. It may not appeal to everyone, of course, it is an adventurous activity. First of all, a person must have a passion for flying and the sky. Anyone who has it can embark on a unique adventure with paragliding.

The most important feature of the SKY Fethiye brand in the sector is that it explains this activity to the participants in a very clear and healthy way before the flights. Thus, the high fears of individuals, if any, are eliminated and instead of fear when they are in the sky, enjoying the moment is experienced. You too can join this family. Reservations have begun. You can get 24/7 online support through our communication tools.

Paragliding Falls?
Paragliding Falls?

What Happens If Paragliding Falls?

We have previously stated that the probability of falling in parachuting is 1/100,000 on average. According to this figure, the risk of death of a patient undergoing anesthesia is much higher than a person riding a paraglider. However, we can elaborate on the subject for those who are wondering what kind of process will be experienced in the face of the possibility of falling. Here’s what happens if the paraglider falls? The answer to the question is…

The paraglider does not fall. It can experience turbulence only depending on the weather and wind conditions. Or, although it is very rare, the rope holding the pilot and participant in the parachute may break. Even if there is a tear in the wind-filled wings of the parachute, this is not a problem, because it can continue to function as long as it descends. Let’s say the thread is broken. In this case, let me state that there is nothing to be afraid of. Because such situations are considered, the pilot takes a spare parachute with him during the flight. So the paraglider does not fall. The pilot always has a second plan.

In case of failure of the main parachute, the reserve parachute opens. Since the pilot and the participant are connected to each other, they experience a calm glide with the new parachute opened and make a healthy landing on the ground. As you can see, there is nothing to be afraid of or worry about. Flight school, pilots, civil aviation thought of every detail for safety.

Does Paragliding Break?

This possibility exists according to statistics, but it is almost impossible to happen. Because the ropes that connect the parachute with the passengers are produced with the most powerful technology in the world. It has enough resistance to pull not only two people, but also an object weighing tons. For this reason , does the paragliding fall? Let’s clear your curiosity. Don’t worry, enjoy the adventure and the sky. Your pilot takes care of every point for your safety.

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