Paragliding Often Done in Butterfly Valley?


Most points of Fethiye have a natural beauty. Butterfly Valley is one of them. For this reason, is paragliding often done in Butterfly Valley? it is wondered. While flying from the sky, it is desired to see this natural wonder from the top. First of all, let’s say that there is no possibility of jumping through here. Because there is no runway. The only runway in the region is at the Babadag summit. But the good news is that after taking off from 2000 altitude, a flight takes place towards Butterfly Valley. So, like Ölüdeniz Beach, you have the opportunity to watch this place from the top.

For sky enthusiasts, paragliding expectations include experiencing beautiful landscapes as well as flying. For this reason, Fethiye is one of the best tracks in our country and even in the world. From the very first seconds of the flight, the journey into a unique landscape begins. You start your adventure above the clouds when you take off from the runway at an altitude of 2000. After passing through the clouds, you witness the most special sights of your life. But is it possible to paraglide in Butterfly Valley? No, it can’t be done. But if you parachute from Babadağ, you can go up to a height of 3,000 meters if the weather is suitable. This means going over the Butterfly Valley.

How to Paraglide in Butterfly Valley?

There are things that must be done when you come to Fethiye region. Among these, paragliding activity comes first, followed by seeing the Butterfly Valley. You can have an experience separately, or you can do both with a single choice. First of all, it is not possible to jump with a parachute from this uniquely beautiful valley. However, it is possible to observe from the air with a parachute. So is it possible to paraglide in Butterfly Valley? The answer to the question will be both yes and no. Babadağ track has an altitude of 2000 meters. When parachuting, this altitude goes up to 3000 meters. This means that you can see many natural wonders in the region from a bird’s eye view.

This is what makes the paragliding activity perhaps the most unique in the Fethiye region. It has many special sights. Of course, Ölüdeniz Beach comes first. But don’t be fooled that only this place is popular. When your feet are cut off from the track floor, you encounter a postcard-like image in the first second. Those who have experienced it before know. The journey begins above the clouds. Afterwards, wonderful images continue to flow over the mountains and seas.

Is There Paragliding in Butterfly Valley?

Butterfly Valley is famous for its natural beauty, activities in it and of course, butterfly varieties, as the name suggests. Thousands of people flock here every year. There are activities such as ATV, safari, horseback riding, rafting and trekking in the mountain. But there is no paragliding. So, if you are looking for a jumping place, you should head to the Babadağ runway. Moreover, the good news is that you can experience this natural wonder from a very different side thanks to the parachute.

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Include parachuting in your holiday plans in Ölüdeniz Fethiye. Thus, you will step into a tight adventure. If you wish, you can also participate with your family or your child. Of course, this takes place in the company of a separate pilot. But do not forget that you will definitely meet in the air. So how is the process going? The first step starts with the reservation. You can start your reservation process right now by using SKY Fethiye communication tools. Afterwards, our trainers will give you all the information. If you wish, you can plan a trip to Butterfly Valley before your flight time arrives. Thus, you will have two activities in the same day. We offer you our rafting activity in this area. We wish you a good time.


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