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paragliding recommendations for those who will do it for the first time , both to get to know the sport closely and to make the process more enjoyable. Paragliding is the safest and fun-filled activity in the world if it is done in the right place, with the right people and in the right way. Of course, it is useful to know some tricks. In this article, we told you about skydiving by giving special advice.

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Every adrenaline sport has some subtle nuances. People should know the activity they are going to do well and have at least an idea about its nuances. In fact, this is very effective in overcoming the fear of heights. So let’s see what important advice there are for those who will skydive for the first time. Here are the details…

Recommendations for Paragliding

Although most individuals start their vacation with the motivation of ‘I’m definitely flying this summer’, sometimes the fear of heights can come to the fore and those summers never come. For this reason, we will give some advice that will look like medicine to those who are considering flying. Everyone knows parachuting just as an exciting activity. Yes it is true but not enough. Paragliding means much more than that.

Paragliding Recommendations For Those Who Will do İt For The First Time
Paragliding Recommendations For Those Who Will do İt For The First Time

a)      There Is Absolutely No Fear Of Heights!

If a person who always postpones this sport is asked why, he will definitely suggest his fear of heights. But let’s say that there is absolutely no such thing as a fear of heights. This is actually a kind of fear of life. In fact, this fear, which is felt in all areas of our lives, shows itself more in height. For example, people can die while driving. In fact, the risk of dying while driving is perhaps 100 times greater than when skydiving. Let’s not forget that there is no end to fear. It is possible to put an end to this by jumping.

b)      Take the Cable Car to Babadag!

You will climb one of the highest altitude mountains in the region. There are two options for this. You will either drive a narrow road and be overwhelmed by the bends, or take the cable car and be cool, comfortable and in a short time at the flight area. Let us state that you should pay attention to this item among the paragliding recommendations for those who will do it for the first time . Climbing with a private vehicle can be really tiring. Also, do not forget that when you jump with a parachute, you will suddenly find yourself 2000 meters below. So you will have to climb up again to get your vehicle.

c)      Find Pilots by Weight!

There is a weight limit application in paragliding. For example, the lower limit is 45 kilos for women. If you have a weight in this area, it is useful to choose a large pilot. Balancing the weights makes it easier to take off. There is a parachute pilot suitable for every weight in SKY Fethiye. Make sure to convey your weight information to the staff at the time of booking.

d)      Prefer Sunset Flight!

The best time to paraglide in Fethiye is sunset time. Both the wind conditions are very pleasant and you are flying towards a unique view. In addition, as the blur in the sky decreases, the level of vision increases. Of course, he has the right to fly at a time like this once a day. I hope you will be lucky in this regard.

e)      Let the Pilot Take Your Photo!

One of the common mistakes is that the participants want to do their own photography and video shoots. Because it is very unlikely that you will shoot clearly and beautifully with that excitement. Instead, let your pilot pull you. Try to enjoy the sky. Do not forget that you will have the most beautiful poses. Because your pilot has done it thousands of times over the years. We can make recommendations in this direction. Finally, we can say for paragliding recommendations, try to enjoy the moment.

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