Paragliding With 2 People?


Most individuals want to participate in adrenaline activities with a loved one. Is this paragliding with 2 people? causes the question to pop up frequently. Those who do not know about tandem flight and have not skydived before are exploring the possibility of a double booking. First of all, we would like to state that such a possibility is not possible. Because this activity is carried out with a maximum of two people, one pilot and one participant. You can find the reasons in the rest of the article.

You may think that adventure sports alone will not taste good. You may request to enjoy the sky together by including a loved one or friend with you. But unfortunately this is not possible. Except for the pilot, only one person has the right to participate in the paragliding sport. In fact, this situation is not just for paragliding. In any activity with a parachute, you cannot jump with two people at the same time. The rules of civil aviation as well as flight schools have been determined accordingly. In short, is it possible to paraglide with 2 people? The clear answer will be no.

Why not do paragliding with 2 people?

We stated that it is not possible to jump with a parachute with 2 or 3 people. Actually, paragliding is done with 2 people. But the pilot is calculated as +1 person. The reason why it cannot be done is related to the technical and physical characteristics of the aircraft. The most basic principle in this activity is safety. All kinds of attitudes and behaviors that will put the individual and flight safety at risk are avoided with strict rules.

What keeps the aircraft in the sky is the wind that fills the parachute. The lifting force of this wind allows up to a certain weight. When 2 or 3 people want to ride, the process has the possibility of risk because the wind will not be enough to lift. Basically , why not paragliding with 2 people ? The answer to the question is in this direction.

Paragliding With 2 People?
Paragliding With 2 People?

minimum weight structure does not mean that the ban on skydiving with 2 people can be relaxed. Tandem flight is always performed as pilot +1. If you want to involve another person you love in the process, there is a solution. It is to jump at the same time with a second pilot. In other words, while you are jumping with a pilot, your loved one can join the jump right after you. In this way, you will have realized a filtration with the air. It should not be forgotten that the parachute distances come to close levels in the sky.

Is Paragliding With 2 Person Dangerous?

Tandem flights become one of the most reliable sports in the world when they are carried out in accordance with the rules and with the right equipment. For this reason, it has a set of strict rules. It is also an application that two more people cannot board this aircraft with the pilot. Because the level of danger is high. It creates a situation that puts flight safety on the back burner. After learning this information, the participants cancel such a request, even if they have it.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of parachuting is that it creates a slow and calm gliding process in the sky. One of the most basic factors in this is the weight of the aircraft, which is connected to the aircraft. When there is a participant with the pilot, the ideal weight level is reached. But with +1 person, the whole balance of the flight is disrupted. In any case, such a situation is not possible according to the rules.

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