Paragliding With a Female Pilot


Conservative families do not come to Fethiye and return without experiencing paragliding with a female pilot . Paragliding , the most valuable and unique activity in the region , continues to appeal to everyone from 7 to 70. In summer, it is everyone’s dream to leave their feet open from 1900 meters over the Babadag summit. However, sometimes valuable individuals who have adopted a conservative lifestyle request female pilots to take part in this activity. Thus, a more peaceful process is signed.

If we say that locals and foreigners who come to Muğla on holiday get enough of the sea, sand, sun and nature in the summer months, we will make an appropriate determination. Every minute of the holiday is spent to the fullest on its beaches adjacent to the Mediterranean and Aegean . There are many opportunities to go to Butterfly Valley by boat, discover hundreds of different butterfly species, swim in untouched bays and many more . There are not only routine holiday concepts, but also crazy activities such as rafting, safari, horseback riding and of course paragliding. Who wants to spend a special summer season, the priority address is definitely the Fethiye region.

Conservative parachute tours are a concern for holidaymakers in and around Fethiye. Because there are thousands of female customers who want to fly with a female pilot in paragliding . Unfortunately, the company that meets these demands is at a very low level. SKY Fethiye continues to be a flight school that appeals to all segments and hosts private female pilots for conservative families on tandem jumps. There are only professional female trainers in the team who are ready for these requests.

Paragliding With a Female Pilot
Paragliding With a Female Pilot

Conservative Paragliding Tours

Today, there is hardly anyone who comes to the Ölüdeniz region and hesitates about what to do, gets bored or does not enjoy the holiday. The region is covered with such natural beauties that it is possible to easily perform many adventure activities. For example, parachute tracks are among the few tracks in the world. In fact, in many provinces of our country, special tracks are tried to be opened just for this event, but unfortunately, the desired efficiency cannot be obtained. But how are conservative paragliding tours organized? How does the process work? Are there any female pilots? Let’s take a look at the details.

First of all, you need to make a reservation through the online website or communication tools. The summer season of 2022 is very active and busy. It is useful to have your name written on the lists beforehand. Then, when booking, simply choose the conservative option. The flight school prepares the whole process before you arrive. From transportation to education, from flying to photographing, every detail is meticulously fulfilled. Paragliding is accompanied by a female pilot, providing conservative women with a unique experience.

Is it permissible to jump with a parachute?

Individuals who want to fully fulfill the principles of our religion and make it a philosophy of life continue to refer to the religion of Islam about adventure sports. Is it permissible to jump with a parachute? one of the most asked questions. Because there are people who are afraid of committing sin while realizing their passion for flying. So what does the Quran say about this? Do those who do dangerous sports sin? We have shared the exact and clear details for you in the rest of the article.

There is no provision in Islam that it is a sin to do dangerous sports. On the contrary, many Islamic scholars today give positive fatwas on this issue. Hayrettin Karaman stated the following on this issue: “Paragliding is absolutely permissible if all precautions are taken and it is carried out in accordance with the procedure.” The ‘method’ here is the requirement to be a female pilot. Sky Fethiye also has a professional and procedural team of female pilots.

Paragliding Female Pilot Price

Price policies are determined according to the special requests you will make while skydiving. There is also a service fee for flying with female pilots. In 2022, these rates have been determined in an amount that does not tire and upset the budgets. Conservative families can open the doors of a unique experience for a price between $ 18 and $ 200.

Another detail is how much the video and picture shooting costs during the flight will be in 2022. You can have your flight visually recorded with a female instructor. Maybe you will have such an experience once in your life and it would be the right choice to turn it into a memory. It is currently set at $25. There may be differences in the season according to the market conditions. Of course, early booking is therefore important. Because the participants are definitely not affected by the increased prices. The prices on the order date are valid. They don’t pay extra.

How Much is it to Fly with a Female Pilot ?

There is a belief in society that it will be more expensive to fly with a female pilot. This is a very flawed approach and information. If 180 – 200 dollars are given, a 25-30 minute flight process is signed. You reach the 1900 meter summit of Babadağ and a jump is made over the clouds. As SKY Fethiye, we serve hundreds of conservative female customers every year. In this way, we have accumulated thousands of satisfied participants over the years. Would you like to join them too? Then you are invited to our communication tools.

How Much Do Female Pilots Fly in Fethiye?

Unfortunately, women pilots are not available to fly in most jump zones today. This causes conservative women to be unable to attend the event. However, in the Fethiye region, there are great solutions about this issue. The flight school includes the most experienced female pilots of the paragliding activity in the world. Their fees are around $180. Make a reservation now.

Fethiye Female Pilot Recommendation

There are thousands of veiled women in our country who want to experience this activity. If these individuals submit their requests during the reservation, they are taken to the flight by certified and experienced female pilots. Flying is pretty simple. First, a small step is taken on the track floor , a short run is made towards the end of the slope and the feet are left in the space. Thanks to the parachute, which is filled with air, a pleasant gliding process is experienced in the sky.

paragliding female pilot team has the highest authority certificates by the civil aviation institution. We have female pilots at a much better level than our male instructors. This ensures flawless flights. In addition, in terms of body weight, flying with female pilots becomes more enjoyable.

There is no age limit for this. Anyone who wishes can participate. The only criterion is to be a sky enthusiast. Of course, because it is your first time, you may have fears and worries. Because people do not perform the act of flying every day. But this is exactly where the experience of our trainers comes into play. Before the flight, they give you a short training and preparation for the process. When you cross the track, you no longer have any worries or worries. Your only thought is to enjoy the sky.

The summer of 2022 has arrived. Reservations have begun. There is already a lot of interest. It should not be forgotten that every school has a flight capacity. You can also make a reservation for SKY Fethiye, which is the best quality school in Fethiye. All you have to do is use the communication tools. Our customer representatives provide 24/7 active online service. We wish you a good summer holiday and full of fun with paragliding activity.

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