Skydiving and Paragliding?


Flight sports is an activity that modern societies enjoy doing the most. Today, there are many types of extremes that allow this. Most of them are paragliding and skydiving . Because there is no need for any special training or certification for both. Double jumps can be made with expert pilots. But the differences between skydiving and paragliding are often wondered. We also discussed the issue in detail.

There are very few sky-related activities that promise high adrenaline. Both extreme sports achieve this very well. In order to better understand the subject, it is useful to first write down the common points.

  • Landing in both takes place by parachute.
  • need wind to glide and fly .
  • A certain height is required to perform the jump.
  • It is possible to perform tandem flights.
  • It is done frequently in our country.

That’s what they have in common. When you want to fly in tandem, it is possible to jump depending on professional pilots. As well as touristic jumps, those who want to do these activities professionally prefer tandem as their first experience. We see that these sports, which are very common in the world, are mixed with each other in our country. For this, as the SKY Fethiye team, we have listed the differences between skydiving and paragliding . We wish you pleasant reading.

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Skydiving and Paragliding?

It is possible to basically say skydiving for skydiving. It is performed by jumping after reaching a certain altitude with an aircraft. It proceeds in the form of diving without a parachute for a long time. In fact, the term ‘ Diving ‘ is used for this reason. There is special equipment specific to this activity. Thanks to these, the flight is carried out successfully and safely. Paragliding, on the other hand, is performed with the parachute open from the first moment of the jump to the last second. Let’s examine the main differences between them…

  • An aircraft is needed to jump in skydiving . Airplanes are often used. Balloons can also be used optionally. But it is not needed in paragliding activity. Because the parachute used already has the status of an aircraft. It is sufficient only to have a slope of a certain height.
  • There are also obvious differences in flight times. While a flight experience of up to 45 minutes is experienced when jumping with a paraglider, the average Skydiving time is between 10 and 20 minutes. Those who want to stay in the sky longer prefer paragliding .
  • On the other hand, the speed difference is also high. As skydiving proceeds in the form of a dive, high speeds are reached. This increases the adrenaline even more. However, since there is gliding in paragliding, there is a calmer flight process. You have the chance to watch the sky more calmly.
  • It is also necessary to specify the cost dimension. In one, the cost increases because the plane is needed, while in the other it decreases because there is no such need. Today, paragliding can be done with 150 dollars . A budget of 400 – 500 dollars is needed to experience skydiving .
  • The types of parachutes they use during the landing phase are different.

Finally, sky lovers wonder which one is more fun. Let me tell you for those who are wondering which one will be experienced for the first time. Skydiving is a kind of high adrenaline. For this reason, we recommend that you make your first jump with paragliding. Because this sport will make it more reasonable for you to be in the sky for the first time. After gaining experience, you can head towards Skydiving activity.

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