Frequently Asked Questions

An average flight time with a paragliding is 20-30 minutes (depending on weather conditions). If you request acrobatics on your flight, your flight time varies.
There is a 100-kilogram passenger weight limit for Tandem Paragliding. (Depending on the wind conditions, this limit may be reduced.) Passengers over 85-90 kg must inform us about this when they book.
Every adult and child over the age of four can take part in this paragliding flight from Ölüdeniz Babadağ, the world’s most beautiful sky scenery. There is no age limit for paragliding.

For a tandem paragliding flight, it will be sufficient to bring a pair of sports shoes and sunglasses with you.

Yes. Each parachute pilot has a third-party liability insurance covering them and their passenger.

All of our parachute pilots are licensed by Turkish Aviation Federation (THK) and Turkish Aviation Federation (FAI). And each parachute pilot has thousands of flying experiences.