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Tandem paragliding is the commercial aspect of flying. Certified pilots host inexperienced sky enthusiasts in their aircraft and witness the experience of gliding in the sky. It is done for a certain price. When you want to do adrenaline sports on your Fethiye holiday, you can join these tandem jumps. So what does this tandem jump mean? Who can do it? How much are their prices in 2023? We will examine them all one by one.

What is Tandem Paragliding?

There is tandem app to fulfill the dream of flying. What does it mean? Tandem paragliding is a commercial flight that takes place with a maximum of 2 people accompanied by professional and expert pilots, accompanied by an inexperienced person, and stays in the air by gliding the paraglider . It is done for money. Because the service provided has a cost. Prices and service types vary from company to company. But the basic rules and regulations apply to every pilot.

General rules of tandem paragliding:

  • Tandem flights are carried out with a maximum of 2 people. Jumping with 3 people is prohibited.
  • The pilots who will manage the tandem jump must pass the training programs determined by THK and obtain superior proficiency certificates. Although paragliding is well known, commercial flights are prohibited if they do not have a certificate.
  • During the flight, the pilot should have some equipment with them. For example, helmet, radio, GPS device are given as examples.
  • Tandem jumps are performed on special and safe tracks determined by THK.

Dozens of different rules can be added to this list. We put the most important ones. There are also strict rules set by the SKY Fethiye school. For example, alcoholics cannot join commercial flights. Likewise, individuals who are pregnant or have a heart condition are not allowed to participate in this activity. If you want to get detailed information, you can contact us.

Although you do not need to be experienced to do tandem paragliding, you do need to have some qualifications. The simplest is the strict rule that you don’t drink alcohol. Because you can endanger your life and the life of the pilot in the air. On the other hand, it is desirable that you do not have severe chronic diseases. If in doubt, you can get a ‘can do’ advice from your doctor. Children can join the tandem flight. Children starting from the age of 4 fly every season with SKY Fethiye pilots.

Where to do Tandem Paragliding?

This is the question that everyone is most curious about. Because our country has an importance that is developing day by day in the field of paragliding. There are runways in many provinces where tandem paragliding jumps are performed. But where is this sport best done? In fact, if you ask this question to someone who has flown before, the answer you will get is probably Fethiye Ölüdeniz. Fethiye has now reached a brand position not only in Turkey but also in the world. The Babadağ track, with its height exceeding 1900 meters, provides a great opportunity for those who will jump for the first time . There are 3 different tracks and you can jump from the most suitable one for your level. Let’s list other spots you can skip in Turkey.

List of places where tandem paragliding is done:

  1. For tandem flight Babadag, Fethiye, Mugla
  2. Munzur Mountains, Ergan, Erzincan for tandem flight
  3. Tandem flight to Ali Mountain, Kayseri
  4. For tandem flight to Mount Nemrut, Adıyaman
  5. Tandem flight to Asas Hill, Kas, Antalya
  6. For tandem flight, İnönü C Hill, Eskişehir
  7. For tandem flight Bozdag, Izmir
  8. Tandem flight for Dynamite Hill, Pamukkale, Denizli
  9. For a tandem flight, Çökelez Mountain, Denizli
  10. Tandem flight to Abant, Bolu

We have written the 10 most beautiful tandem flight tracks of Turkey above. Fethiye Babadağ, which is at the top of the list, definitely deserves its position. The specially prepared track here makes jumping very practical. Of course, scenery is as important as flying. And of course, the enchanting view of Ölüdeniz is indisputably at the top in this regard. Definitely the best moments of your life are waiting for you here.

Fethiye Tandem Paragliding Features

When you participate in tandem paragliding activity in Fethiye, you have some features and advantages. There are some features that make it the most popular region. First of all, we need to talk about the ease of transportation. You can reach the track area within 15 minutes by using the Babadağ Cable Car. In addition to this, there are many things that can be said. Let’s examine them in a few items.

Advantages of tandem paragliding in Fethiye:

  • Transportation is very easy. You can leave your car in the center and go up easily with the cable car . Cable car fees are also reasonable.
  • The physical structure of the track has a very good level for safety and jumping comfort. There is a sloping and flat ground on the slope. You can easily glide by running a little.
  • Turkey’s most experienced flight schools and the most professional pilots serve in Fethiye. This allows you to both enjoy the process and ensure your safety 100% .
  • The equipment used for the flight is of the highest quality.
  • In paragliding, you are at the top of the most beautiful places. Seeing Ölüdeniz from the sky is a real privilege.
  • Since the competition is intense, you can reach more affordable fares in flight prices.

Tandem paragliding is done in Fethiye, as can be understood from the above. In Fethiye, SKY Fethiye, the number one brand, is preferred. Our reservation period has begun. You can start booking your place right now. How do I reach? You can reach us via our phone number Whatsapp. You can call +90 0538 494 45 05 which is our reservation line.

Tandem Paragliding Prices 2023

We provided very comprehensive information about tandem paragliding. Now let’s move on to the price and fee schedule. The price of tandem jumping per person in the summer season of 2022 was 150 dollars. It is aimed to provide service at the same price for autumn and winter. Paragliding in winter? don’t say. Let me tell you it is very beautiful. We continue to fly from the Babadağ runway every day when the weather conditions are suitable.

How much will tandem paragliding be in 2023? We are slowly leaving another year behind. Paragliding plans are now being made for the 2023 season. Although the figures are not yet clear, there is an opinion that there will be a fee schedule in the range of 150 to 200 dollars. It is on the agenda that the cost of photography and video shooting will be between 25 and 50 dollars. Call us if you want to be informed about how many TL the current figures are when we enter the new year. All your questions are answered in our customer service. Our 0536 660 82 32 WhatsApp line is active 24/7. Make your affordable tandem planning with us.

Tandem Paragliding Companies

Which is the best Fethiye tandem company? The answer to this question is actually hidden in user comments and recommendations. Looking at the real user experiences and comments on the internet, it will be clearly seen that the leading company is SKY Fethiye. We are a Fethiye flight school with the highest user rating. Our professional mission and professionalism have a great share in this. You can put us first in your reservation preferences. We recommend that you book early. Although we have a quiet period in the winter, our places are already filling up for the summer of 2023. Join us before it’s too late and experience a different atmosphere on your summer vacation. Have a nice day.


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