The Ancient City of Tlos


Tlos Ancient City was one of the important centers of the Lycian civilization, one of the greatest civilizations in history. This is a very special historical building. The fact that it was included in the World Temporary Heritage List by UNESCO on February 6, 2009 is an indication of this. If Fethiye is among your holiday plans this summer, we definitely recommend you to see Tlos . In this article, we will discuss one of the most important historical heritages of the world in detail…

The Story of the Ancient City of Tlos

According to researches, the history of this city dates back to the Neolithic period. That makes it special. As in every historical building, the story of the ancient city of Tlos is quite interesting. As it is known in Greek mythology, the ancient cities have a founder and a legend. This city takes its name from Tloos , son of Tremilus . According to the mythological approach, the horse of Pegasus lived in this region. In addition, according to some beliefs, it is said that a limited number of soldiers in the Akna army, who wanted to return to their country after the great Trojan war, but could not succeed , settled here.

Tlos has hosted countless civilizations throughout history. It was of dazzling and interesting importance for every period in its historical adventure that started BC. During the Christian era, it became an important episcopal center. It preserved its importance during the Ottoman period and Yakaköy location was built on the ancient city. Today , many king tombs were discovered during the excavations in the ancient city of Tlos .

Source: Tlos History

How to get to the ancient city of Tlos ?

Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to the ancient city of Tlos every year. There are many options for going to the building in Seydikemer district. First of all, it would be useful to list the distances of this tourism region from the centers.

  • It is 15 kilometers from the center of Seydikemer .
  • Its net distance to Muğla is 160 kilometers.
  • The distance between Fethiye district and the ancient city is 42 kilometers.
  • Its distance to Dalaman is 66 kilometers.

If you plan to come here by airport, you should prefer Dalaman airport. If they prefer the highway, they have to turn to Kemer at the 22nd kilometer while driving on the Fethiye – Antalya road. Afterwards, it is enough for them to proceed at a distance of 12 kilometers. Also, for those who prefer buses, there are daily expeditions in Fethiye.

Tlos Ancient City Entrance Fee 2022

In these days when the weather is starting to warm up, holiday plans are slowly starting to become clear. Fethiye, like every year, is the most important favorite of holidaymakers this year. The entrance fee for the ancient city of Tlos , which is our special recommendation for Fethiye holidaymakers, has been determined for 2022. You have to pay 10 TL to enter the facility, which is open 7 days a week.

It is also possible to enter the place, which is under the management of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, with a Museum Card. However, the right to enter is granted twice a year. If you have the Museum Card Plus card, you have unlimited access all year round. The entry and exit times of the Ancient City of Tlos are as follows:

  1. Between 08:30 – 19:30 in the summer period
  2. Between 08:30 – 17:30 during the winter period

How old is the ancient city of Tlos ?

It is known that this historical city dates back to 2000 BC during the excavations carried out by archaeologists. It is clearly seen that it is the same age as the city of ‘ Dlawa ‘ in the Hittite texts captured in Anatolia . The ancient city of Tlos hosted many civilizations, especially Lycia. These include the Christian and Ottoman periods. During the Roman period, one of the most important centers of the empire came to the fore.

Yakaköy , which is a frequented settlement today , was founded on this ancient city during the Ottoman period. Excavations are still ongoing and new king tombs continue to emerge. You should definitely include this ancient city in your Fethiye holiday plans.

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