The Best Beach in Ölüdeniz


Oludeniz , which registered its beauty as the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006, has beaches of unique beauty. But the best beach of Ölüdeniz is always more curious. It is really difficult to make such a choice. Because each beach has its own beauties. But in this article, we will explain the Oludeniz beach, which is the most liked by the holidaymakers.

We offer a great option for the best beach in Ölüdeniz . When you come to the Fethiye region, do not return without stopping by this beach. There are so many unique and naturally beautiful beaches in the region that they can often be overlooked among alternatives. Here are the details…

Oludeniz Kumburnu Beach

Kumburnu beach is the best beach of Ölüdeniz with its postcard appearance . It has a wonderful view especially for paragliders. When the white sands and the clear blue of the sea are combined, a wonderful view emerges. The fact that the water is warm is one of its important beauties. Because in summer, everyone from 7 to 70 can enjoy the sun here.

Kumburnu beach is very valuable in terms of Turkey’s tourism vision. Because it is definitely featured in the promotional films of the country at the global level. It really fascinates those who look at it from an aesthetic point of view. If you have the Ölüdeniz region among your holiday plans, make sure to immerse yourself in the waters of Kumburnu Beach. It will allow you to discover peace and serenity.

There are many questions that tourists wonder about Kumburnu , the best beach of Ölüdeniz . We will answer these questions in the rest of the article.

Kumburnu Beach Paid?

Kumburnu beach overlooks Ölüdeniz beach. And here you have to pay a fee. It is also worth noting that there is also a parking fee. Parking fees range from 40 to 60 TL on average in 2022. Sunbed rental fee varies between 25 and 35 TL.

Kumburnu Beach Stony?

The structure of the ground is important for a pleasant sea entrance. Seas with stony floors are not liked much by holidaymakers. It hurts the soles of the feet while swimming. It’s also a bit annoying for kids. So , is Kumburnu beach stony? The answer will be no. This coast, which is the best beach of Ölüdeniz , consists of soft sand. It also has clear water. It is possible to come across beautiful fish with sea glasses.

Kumburnu Beach?

This beach is located in Ölüdeniz nature park. It is possible to see every shade of green as it is surrounded by mountains and forests. It fascinates the visitors with its magnificent nature and unique sea. Transportation from Fethiye by road is very easy. There are also minibus services to the beach during the day.

Kumburnu Beach?

The overall size of the beach is meters long. Its width is 15 meters. Kumburnu shores are completely covered with sand and pebbles. Although there is a rocky area, you can enjoy jumping into the sea with wooden piers. It is also worth noting that the beach is located in the archaeological site.

The Best Beach in Ölüdeniz
The Best Beach in Ölüdeniz

Kumburnu Beach Reviews

Before experiencing a beach on vacation, we would like to look at the comments of those who have been here before. This is a very fair application. Because in this way, we shape our expectations before we go. Kumburnu beach reviews are generally always positive. Those who go to Kumburnu , the best beach of Ölüdeniz , are almost amazed. Here are some of those comments….

  • User 1: The sea and nature at Kumburnu beach are magnificent. The water temperature is exactly what I was looking for. However, eating and drinking is a bit expensive. I recommend bringing it with you.
  • User 2: I suggest you come here before the season starts. At that time, the water of the sea was wonderful and clear. But the increasing crowd with the opening of the season spoils its structure a little. I think the best times are September and October.


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