The Best Hotels in Ölüdeniz


The best hotels in Ölüdeniz are an important issue for individuals who make holiday plans with the warming of the weather . Everyone has the right to stay in quality hotels on limited days when the tiredness experienced throughout the year will be relieved from the body and soul. There are many factors that make a hotel good. Its beach, architecture, service, food, activities and opportunities are among these. If one is missing, the holiday process can become unpleasant.

Everyone has their own criteria when choosing a hotel. But there are some hotels in Ölüdeniz that have a structure that meets all the criteria. It offers a dream-like holiday process, both in terms of location and facility features. So what are the quality Oludeniz hotels? You can choose the hotels we recommend in this article with peace of mind.

Best Oludeniz Hotels

Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists flock here to enjoy the sun and the sea in the paradise bay of Ölüdeniz , which is 3 kilometers long. It appeals to everyone’s holiday understanding. Oludeniz region offers great alternatives for those who enjoy a quiet or adrenaline-filled holiday. So , which are the best hotels in Ölüdeniz ? What do user reviews say about it? Let’s examine it together…

1.      Morina Deluxe Hotel

Morina Deluxe Hotel is the best option for holidaymakers who prefer comfort. The hotel offers service with 49 rooms. In the season, it is almost impossible to find an empty room . Because individuals who vacation here definitely visit again and again. It also has a staff with a professional understanding of service for families with children. We can summarize the general features of the facility as follows:

  • outdoor swimming pool
  • massage service
  • Social activities
  • Air conditioning, TV and minibar
  • Free internet in the entire facility

2.      Ocean Blue High Class Hotel

One of the highest rated hotels by users on hotel sites. Like its name, Ocean Blue High Class really offers high standards of service. It also has 61 rooms. It would be the best choice to make an early reservation as there is a great interest. Main features of the facility:

  • Indoor and outdoor restaurant
  • outdoor swimming pool
  • SPA services
  • 750 meters from the sea
The Best Hotels in Ölüdeniz
The Best Hotels in Ölüdeniz

3.      the Sugar Beach Club Hotel

With its calm and peaceful environment, it offers holidaymakers a wonderful process. The most important feature is that it is by the sea and has its own cove. The sea is very clear. Also, the coast is not deep. In this way, children can also enjoy the holiday in the water unlimitedly. the Sugar Beach Club Hotel is in the third place of our list of the best hotels in Ölüdeniz . Its general features are as follows:

  • Indoor and outdoor restaurant
  • sunbathing lodges
  • By the sea and its own beach
  • Surroundings with lots of green

4.      Belcehan Deluxe Hotel

Belcehan Deluxe Hotel is very close to Belcekız Beach , one of the famous beaches of Fethiye . With its outdoor swimming pool and dynamic activities, you feel like you are truly on vacation. Moreover, in terms of price, it is very reasonable compared to other hotels. If you are looking for the best hotels in Ölüdeniz , Belcehan is a great alternative for you. Facility features:

  • Balcony, air conditioner and television
  • Social facilities
  • luxury architecture
  • outdoor swimming pool

5.      Doga Hotel Oludeniz

This hotel is located in the center of Oludeniz . It appeals to those who are looking for a quality holiday with affordable budgets. In addition, the service they offer and the features of the hotel are at a very good level according to the price. The room concept has a breakfast system. Other features are as follows:

  • Indoor and outdoor restaurant
  • outdoor swimming pool
  • Room breakfast
  • bike rental
  • Free internet in all areas of the facility

We have presented you a great list for the best hotels in Ölüdeniz . You can have a wonderful holiday by choosing the one that most appeals to your style and expectations. We are also waiting for you to the SKY Fethiye family for paragliding .