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Ölüdeniz hotels are on the agenda of holidaymakers these days when the weather starts to warm up. Where to stay in Ölüdeniz for those who make holiday plans ? problem began to emerge. First of all, we should state that this town has a paradise feature from its sea to its nature, from its activities to its historical structure. Every element that should be on a vacation during the summer vacation is available in the Ölüdeniz region. However, the quality of accommodation is very important for a peaceful travel.

Ölüdeniz offers a holiday where you can relieve the tiredness of the whole year and have fun at the same time, with paragliding, scuba diving, nature activities, deep blue sea and boat tours. In short, every hour passes to the fullest here. However, in order to benefit from these opportunities, it is necessary to plan with the accommodation first. One wrong choice puts stress on the entire holiday. For these reasons, we have compiled the best 3 facilities among Ölüdeniz hotels for you…

Best Oludeniz Hotels which?

Oludeniz stands out as the most ideal location to stay in the Fethiye region. It is also an indication of this, that it was chosen as the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006. In short, millions of domestic and foreign tourists visit this place every year. It is possible to come across the most equipped and stylish hotels of our country here. Come together Let ‘s examine what are the best Oludeniz hotels

Oba Beach Hotel

Oba Beach Hotel is at the top of our list of the best Oludeniz hotels . If you like traditional accommodation methods, this place will be an ideal choice. Accommodation type is bungalow and caravan type. The facility, which has all the services that should be in the holiday concept, is located on the Lagoon side. It is especially recommended for individuals who want to spend a pleasant holiday at affordable prices.

La Boheme Pumpkin

La Boheme Kabak, which is seen as a place that is good for the heart and soul, offers a postcard view to the individuals with the view of Rhodes Island, especially during sunset. It’s a quiet facility. Each room has a jacuzzi. You can swim directly from the wooden pier. It is one of the rare accommodation places that is beautiful not only in summer, but also in autumn among Ölüdeniz hotels .

jade Residence

jade Residence has a concept reminiscent of Bali with its creative and original architecture. It has a location right next to the sea. In addition, it is possible to find serenity and peace in its tropical garden, which has a 250-year history. This is an ideal spot for those who give importance to special tastes on holiday. jade residence Oludeniz is in the third place of our list of hotels.

Oludeniz Hotel Prices 2022

are also the most frequently asked question by holidaymakers in 2022 . Those who give importance to adrenaline activities and visiting historical places in addition to calmness on holiday flock to Ölüdeniz in the summer months. Especially Ölüdeniz has the most wonderful location in the world in terms of paragliding tourism. Tourists, who leave their feet in the open from the Babadağ runway, glide like a bird in the skies of Ölüdeniz for about 30 minutes. Of course, the first priority is accommodation. Because accommodation is the most important element of a holiday.

Individuals from almost every budget can have a holiday in Fethiye Ölüdeniz region. Individuals who wish prefer a costly holiday in luxury 5-star hotels. Those who wish head towards bungalow accommodation in the heart of nature . In addition, there are many options in terms of hostels. Prices range from 200 to 1000 TL per day. As you can see, Oludeniz hotel prices are very reasonable in 2022 as well.

It is worth mentioning that the prices of Oludeniz hotel prices can change instantly. It also rises to higher levels in the season. We recommend that you make an early reservation. In this way, you can have a vacation at very reasonable rates and have a peaceful process.


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