The Most Beautiful Paragliding Spots in The World


The most beautiful paragliding spots in the world are a matter of curiosity for those who do this sport professionally. It concerns not only pilots, but also sky lovers who participate in tandem flights. If you have flown in Fethiye before and are looking for a different experience, there are great spots in the world. All of the SKY Fethiye pilots have flown on these wonderful runways around the world. We hope you enjoy reading this article about our experiences.

Flying has always been a dream of mankind since the moment it raised its head to the sky. In other words, in every moment on the stage of history, people wanted to fly. Soaring in the sky started with Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi. Developing Leonardo da Vinci’s designs, Hezarfen jumped at the Galata Tower and started a new era. This technology is also the basis of the paragliders used today.

When it comes to paragliding, Fethiye Ölüdeniz comes to mind first all over the world. It’s not unfair either. Parachutes departing from the Babadağ runway float in the sky for an average of half an hour. The only thing left to the participants is to enjoy the wonderful view. So where are the most beautiful paragliding spots in the world? Here are the details…

The Most Beautiful Paragliding Spots in The World

The World’s Best Paragliding Tracks

In our country, paragliding is mostly done in Fethiye. But there are beautiful tracks all over the world. You can evaluate the experiences you have gained in Ölüdeniz on the global tracks. Let’s examine together what are the most beautiful paragliding spots in the world…

1.      Oludeniz Paragliding / Turkey

Ölüdeniz has a special place for paragliding enthusiasts around the world. Professional pilots line up to fly here every year. There are many effective reasons for this. The beauty of the scenery, the suitability of the weather conditions and many factors make this place popular. It is possible to specify a few items about the features of Fethiye paragliding:

  • Babadag runway height is 1700 meters
  • Weather conditions are very favorable for paragliding.
  • It is a tandem flight.
  • Transportation is provided by road or cable car.

2.      Dune de Pilat Paragliding / France

Dune de Pilat hosts thousands of paragliding lovers every year. In fact, this is a sand dune on the foothills of the Atlantic Ocean. It also offers a wonderful view. Every year, beautiful flight activities are organized here. While you are floating like a bird in the sky during the day, you have the chance to participate in musical entertainment at night.

3.      Wengen Paragliding / Switzerland

The mountainous nature of Switzerland is well-known. This feature makes it unique for paragliding. There are many pistes in the area. But the most popular is the Wengen paragliding rink. Moreover, not only professionals but also beginner pilots can fly. in short Wengen piste ranks third in our list of the most beautiful paragliding spots in the world.

4.      Danyang Paragliding / South Korea

those looking for a different location for paragliding, the Danyang track offers a great option. Mt. in South Korea . Every year , thousands of people fly from the runway, which is located on the top of Dusan Mountain at an altitude of 2000. We recommend you to visit this place especially in the spring season to witness its natural beauties.

5.      Julian Alps Paragliding / Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the paradise countries that nature offers to us people. It is also a great option for paragliding. Although there are many pistes in the country, the Julian Alps are the most popular. Being close to our country makes it more attractive for Turkish paragliding enthusiasts. If there are tracks that you will suggest at the global level, you can leave them in the comment section. You can also let us know on our Instagram account. We wish you pleasant flights…


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