THK Paragliding Course

THK Paragliding… Mankind’s centuries-old dream of flying can now easily turn into reality with parachutes. THK is one of the official authorities in our country about paragliding . Pilot training, training, certification and flight instructions are carried out by this institution. Established in 2017, the paragliding school has started to provide paid course training since 2019. Although there is no certificate requirement for individual jumps, you must obtain a certificate from THK for tandem, that is, commercial organizations.

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Paragliding is an aviation sport. For this reason, it is done under certain rules and accompanied by instructions. THK paragliding institution also prepares and supervises these guidelines. All private flight schools operating today are subject to this institution. Those who violate the directive will be fined or their certificates terminated. Since the Babadağ runway in Fethiye is the place with the most flights in the country, more frequent inspections are applied here. You can fly safely.

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THK Paragliding Course

Today, the only institution that officially provides paragliding training is THK paragliding institution. According to the course calendars here, the process of training pilots continues. Thus, it is moved to an official ground, and this sport and security element is taken to a higher level. Being a pilot used to be a master-apprentice concept. But thanks to THK, this was put to an end. Today, you can participate in tandem jumps with peace of mind, the most important part of this is written to THK.

Apart from THK, there are also schools where pilot training is given. Pilots coming out of these unofficial institutions are called master-apprentice relationships. If you are going to participate in a touristic flight, make sure that the institution and the pilot have a certificate from THK. This is important for your safety.

Course areas offered by THK:

  • THK paragliding course
  • THK sail wing course
  • THK balloon course
  • THK microlight course
  • THK motorized paragliding course

In order to participate in tandem paragliding courses, certain conditions must be met. Not every individual has the right to attend these courses. First of all, the individual is required to have a YPP certificate. Individuals under the age of 19 must have at least 50 flights, that is, 20 hours of flying experience. There is also a high school graduate requirement. Physical and spiritual skills also require THK. For example, a high level of discipline is taken into account. Those who do not have a sense of responsibility cannot become paragliding pilots.

THK Paragliding Prices

Parachute pilot courses given by THK are given for a special fee. Course fees start from 4,000 TL in total and go up to 10,000 TL. The process varies depending on the program you will attend and the type of flight. THK has not yet published an updated price list for the year 2022-2023. As soon as it is shared, we will add it to this article for you. You can also follow up-to-date lists on the THK website.

THK Paragliding Directive

When you want to become a pilot, you come across some guidelines from THK. Although it consists of standard items in general, there are periodic updates. You have published a total of 3 directive lists so far. You can click on the link to reach them in detail.

Current THK directives and regulations list:

These are the most current THK guidelines. As new additions become available, we will share them on our site. You can find everything about THK paragliding course and information on our website. Have a nice day.


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