5 things to know before paragliding


5 things to know before paragliding There are many details that should be known before paragliding. Although it may seem like a simple activity from the outside, it has quite complex components inside. If you are a sky lover and dream of flying and gliding in the sky like a bird, we recommend you to examine the details in the rest of the article.

The entire process of the paragliding activity covers the responsibilities of the pilot, company and passenger. Because even if the pilot and the company fulfill all their obligations, an incorrect behavior by the user puts the situation at risk. It is the right behavior to get information in advance for a safe and enjoyable paragliding. For this reason, we have compiled 5 articles that should be known before paragliding. We wish you pleasant reading…

There are many details that should be known before paragliding. Although it may seem like a simple activity from the outside,

5 things to know before paragliding

Paragliding is one of the most ideal activities today to fly and experience the sky. There are many runways in this regard in our country. However, the most preferred one is the Babadağ track in Ölüdeniz. Every year, thousands of domestic and foreign tourists make tandem flights here. However, the majority of these users are people who have not previously learned about sports. For this reason, as the SKY Fethiye family, we attach importance to theoretical knowledge. Here are the things to know before paragliding…

Who Cannot Do Paragliding?

Although paragliding appeals to a general audience, it is not suitable for people with certain characteristics. Participating in this activity is not recommended, especially for individuals with health problems. It is possible to list the unsuitable people in a few articles.

  • The age limit for flying has been determined as 4. Persons below this cannot participate.
  • The weight limit has been determined as a maximum of 110.
  • This activity is not recommended for individuals with a fear of heights and heart conditions.
  • Also, it is not a suitable sport for those with epilepsy or asthma.

What Is The Force That Makes Parachutes Fly In The Air?

One of the things to know before paragliding is how the flight takes place. Because while watching the paragliding flying in the air, we wonder how it glides like this. What keeps the parachute in the air is the force of gravity. Because paragliding is heavier than air. It is also possible to say that the law of gravity is the engine of parachutes. The force exerted by gravity makes the aircraft fly.

How Safe Is Paragliding?

Even the idea of ​​flying is something that scares people. Especially the idea of ​​flying for 25-30 minutes can be even more frightening. However, paragliding is one of the safest activities in the world. According to studies, playing a football match is 3 times more dangerous than flying with a parachute. From this example you can see how safe it is…

We Have Compiled 5 Articles That Should be Known Before Paragliding

Is Paragliding 3 Person Done?

People who will do this sport for the first time are excited. This is perfectly normal. Individuals think of jumping with a loved one to overcome this excitement. Is this possible for 3 people to paraglide? corrects the question. But unfortunately this is not possible. Tandem flights are carried out with only 2 people.

How Long Does Fethiye Parachute Take?

The most important thing to know before paragliding is the flight time. From the moment you jump off the Babadağ track, you float like a bird in the air for an average of 20-25 minutes. However, it can be shorter or longer due to weather conditions. The maximum flight time is expressed as an average of 35 minutes.

We have answered the most frequently asked questions about paragliding above. If your dream is to fly in the sky and experience that feeling of emptiness, contact us. We also recommend that you take a look at the flight pictures on our Instagram account.


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