What Happens İf The Paraglider Breaks?


What happens if the paraglider breaks? The question is frequently encountered. This activity has evolved greatly since it was first attempted in the early 1940s to the present day. Compared to its situation in previous years, it is possible to say very comfortably that it now offers a near-perfect level of security. Of course, it carries some risks. Without these risks, it would not be right to say that skydiving is an adrenaline activity.

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First of all, it is useful to know the ropes. Because these ropes carry all the load and weight. This parachute material is made of very durable materials. It also has a thin and light structure to reduce friction. There are two types of suspenders today. One is Kevler and the other is Dacron type. It is produced with organic polyamide, that is, carbon fiber material. This makes it the most durable structure in today’s technology.

The possibility of the suspension rope breaking after a parachute jump is almost negligible. Even if there is a rupture situation, there is a second aircraft, namely a spare parachute, on the back of the pilots. In the flights made for many years in the Fethiye region, there was only once a situation where the rope broke. In the face of this situation, the pilot opened his spare parachute and they landed safely. What happens if the paraglider breaks ? If you have a concern, as you can see, the answer is available. A flawless and trouble-free landing is carried out with the reserve aircraft.

Has Paragliding Been Broken Before?

Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of jumps have been made throughout the history of paragliding. This activity attracts great attention not only in our country, but also in all countries of the world. Because the most enjoyable and risk-free aircraft to fly today is paragliding. As such, it is inevitable that the interest will be great. There can be many factors that can cause a parachute accident. There are certain risk factors in every adrenaline sport. However, when examined in general, the level of danger in this sport is at minimum rates. So, have you been paragliding before? Here is the answer…

Jumps from Babadağ track have been performed in Fethiye for many years. So much so that we can easily say that tens of thousands flock here in the summer season. In recent years, there is no record of an accident due to the breakage of the suspension rope. Only in 2019, a rope break occurred on the flight with a German tourist. However, the experienced pilot opened his spare parachute and made a very comfortable landing. In other words, although the possibility of paragliding breaking is negligible, the backup parachute is activated in such a situation.

What Happens İf The Paraglider Breaks?

Who Should I Trust in Paragliding?

There are many flight schools that offer services in the tandem jump, which is a special sport. Of course, each one is special and valuable. However, in terms of reliability, SKY Fethiye has stood out as the best in the region for many years. It wouldn’t be right to be modest about this. Because we serve with a flawless mission to maximize human health and safety. No application contrary to the paragliding rules takes place within our school. In this way, we have operated our flights for more than 15 years without causing the slightest accident or negative situation. We continue to do so in 2022.

You should trust a brand that has expert pilot staff in paragliding, uses the highest quality in all its equipment, does not interrupt material controls and maintenance, has experience in flight, and most importantly, has adopted participant satisfaction as a principle. The flight school with these features is not far from you. You can now make your reservation via SKY Fethiye communication tools. We wish you pleasant flights.

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