What is a Reserve Parachute?

What is reserve parachute?

What is a reserve parachute? Before we start our article, we hope that you do not need such a situation. Because this equipment is needed in emergency situations. For pilots and tourists, backup parachutes mark the fine line between life and death. As it is known, flights are made with the main parachute. These equipments are in a more comprehensive equipment. Thanks to the main parachute, a flawless process is obtained from all flights to a large extent. However, on rare occasions, it can malfunction. This is where a backup parachute is needed.

Reserve Parachute Features and Models

Today, the pilot who aims to fly by all kinds of parachutes must have a spare parachute. Paratroopers in the military definitely have spare parachute equipment in their bags. The main parachute is already a solid piece of equipment. When a backup is added to it, the probability of the pilot falling is almost zero. We are talking about a life-saving equipment. Different sizes, models and colors can be produced. It can have variable production, except for a few criteria.

There are many different types of parachutes available today. However, it is possible to collect the most frequently used ones in 4 main groups. What is a reserve parachute? We have explained those four equipment types for you, which you will understand more closely. Here are the details…

Circle Spare Parachute Model

It is the most used spare parachute in paragliding. We can even say that it has a rate of more than 90%. What is this reserve parachute? It shows once again the importance of the question . Although the dome type is generally preferred, the flat types are also often preferred by the pilots. Over time, with many innovations, air holding and durability rates have been increased.

Square Reserve Parachute Model

It is a backup parachute type that entered our lives with the use of USA airborne troops in the early 2000s. Basically, it is an adaptation equipment from T11 parachutes. Thanks to its special engineering, it was able to reduce the ground crashes in the navy by almost 50%. It resembles a four-legged coffee table in appearance. It is out of circulation today. Because healthier spare parachutes are produced.

Triangle Parachute Model

It is a type of backup parachute with more gliding guidance than black parachutes. It was first produced in 1927. The world first recognized it on NASA’s moon landing mission in the early 1970s. Scientists used this type of backup parachute for soft landing of spacecraft. In 1996, it began to be used frequently in paragliding. Although it had many advantages, it was a disadvantage for the pilots to be folded and put in the bag. For this reason, it has lost its useful life to a large extent today.

Rectangular Parachute Model

It is considered the ancestor of the main paragliders in paragliding. What is a reserve parachute? forms the basis of the question. It has an architectural feature where you can control the speed and direction. It has a very nice harmony with the main parachute. When you pull the auxiliary handle, the main parachute is separated from the mechanism and the reserve parachute opens within 2 seconds. It takes 2 seconds of free fall time to open it. It does not twist easily and can be easily controlled. As a disadvantage, we can show that the price is high and that it is very troublesome to fold.

If you are a beginner in paragliding, we recommend you to use a spare parachute. It is very easy to fold and control in the air. You won’t have any difficulties. In addition, the average price is also very ideal. When you gain experience in the following processes, you can switch to the rectangular type. Let’s just say that the price is a little high. First of all the golden point is that you must have a backup parachute. This also applies to individual flights .

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