What is The Age Limit For Paragliding?

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Adrenaline spores have an age limit. What is the age limit for paragliding? This question is also a topic that is frequently brought up by families with children. Parents want their children to have this experience while flying. Today, the number of tiny sky-loving individuals is too high to be underestimated. According to civil aviation rules, the age limit of 16 is applied. So the age to fly voluntarily is sixteen. Of course, this figure goes even lower under family supervision.

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There is no such thing as a maximum age limit before participating in paragliding. Every person with good health can jump with peace of mind. The most recent example of this has happened in the past years. Currently, according to the record book, the oldest person to paraglide is a Scottish woman. 104-year-old Margaret threw stones at the young people with this jump. In addition, the oldest person who makes a tandem flight in our country is again a woman. The 100-year-old Duriye grandmother could not break the insistence of her grandchildren and soared in the sky like a bird.

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Paragliding Age Limit Table

  • No upper age limit
  • Voluntary participation (+4 years old)
  • Participation with parental consent (min.4 years old)

The age of majority for paragliding is 4, not 18. Young individuals in this age group can easily participate of their own accord. Those below this limit are also eligible to participate. However, this requires written consent from the family. After completing the approval document, we fly everyone aged 4 and over as SKY Fethiye. It should be noted that every season, little individuals aged 4-5 years show great interest. You can also allow your children to have a special experience. And who knows, maybe he will have taken the first step towards becoming a future parachute pilot.

What is The Age Limit For Paragliding?
What is The Age Limit For Paragliding?

How Old Is It Required To Be Paragliding?

In fact, the most correct answer to this question is that it doesn’t matter how old you are. Because in order to fly, it is enough just to love the sky and desire to be there. For this reason , what is the age limit for paragliding? We always say 0 to those who ask. So everyone has the opportunity to be a partner of this passion.

One of the most important details regarding age is health. Not having any health problems is an important factor for flying. High blood pressure and heart disease are among them. Such health problems carry the risk of having trouble in the sky. In addition, it is not possible for those with extreme fear of heights to paraglide.

2022 Ölüdeniz Paragliding Prices
2022 Ölüdeniz Paragliding Prices

The idea of flying at the age of 4 is often something parents look at with disbelief. However, we can say with certainty that tiny individuals fly much more comfortably and enjoyably than adults. We’ve experienced this hundreds of times. In 2022, we received reservations for many children. In fact, there is also a psychological dimension. Children paragliding at this age do not have fear of heights in the future, and their self-confidence increases as well.

Can Kids Parachute Jump?

Families raise this question very often. In its most basic form yes, any child over the age of 4 can soar through the sky like a bird. Moreover, he does this without any fear and enjoying the moment immensely. This activity is also an opportunity for families. They can make them love the sky and heights at a young age. Since children have not yet met with fear of heights or depths, they do not have any problems during the flight.

You can make your family reservations through SKY Fethiye company. We give you a detailed pre-flight briefing. Thus, you start ready to fly. For detailed information, please contact Sky Fethiye call center.

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