What Should I Have With Me When Participating in Fethiye Diving Tour?

Fethiye Dalış Turuna Katılırken Yanımda Neler Bulundurmalıyım?

In extreme activities, all kinds of equipment are usually arranged for the participants. But what should I have with me when participating in Fethiye diving tour? We often come across the question. All basic materials, tools and equipment are provided free of charge by the diving school. In other words, the price you pay includes clothes, fins, diving tube, goggles and other items. But it will be better to have some items with you when you come. Towels and shorts are among them. These are the factors that make the process even more enjoyable. So let’s take a look at the details.

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The materials we will write are not mandatory products. These are the items you can have with you according to your preference. We specify it for your convenience. Otherwise, the diving tour is enjoyable and fun-filled as usual.

What to Bring with them to Fethiye Diving Tour

Fethiye diving event, which non-swimmers can easily participate in, is one of the most popular activities in the summer season. What should I bring with me when participating in a Fethiye diving tour after making a reservation for those who have not had experience before? is experiencing the problem. We have made recommendations in the article to clarify this issue. You will enjoy the process more when you bring these with you. Here are the details…


You need to have a towel with you as you will be surrounded by water both when you go by boat and during the dive. By drying, you can both clean the salt water from your body and protect yourself from getting sick in case of a breeze.

Spare T -Shirts

You will be intertwined with water all the time during the activity. The T -Shirt you came to wear will definitely get wet in the process and become unusable. We recommend that you have a backup with you.

Swimwear & Bikini

Before entering the water, you wear diving suits. For this reason, swimsuits & bikinis will be a good alternative for comfortable dressing and undressing. You can easily put your clothes on them.

Day Cream

You will be exposed to the sun for a while during the boat ride. For this, you can rest your body with sunscreen and take precautions against sunburns. We especially recommend you to apply it to children.


In the summer, the sun’s rays are very sharp. Sunglasses will be a good option for sun protection on a boat trip. We strongly recommend that you bring it with you, especially those who will participate in the afternoon dive.

What Not to Bring on Fethiye Diving Tour

Above, we have listed the items that will benefit you if you have them with you. We’ve also made a list of things you shouldn’t bring. As SKY Fethiye diving school, we kindly ask you not to bring the products listed below.

  • We recommend that you do not bring a camera. Because it is not possible to take photos or videos underwater. You can shoot before diving, but it is forbidden to shoot in water. Because there is a possibility that you may put yourself in danger. If you want to take photos and videos, you can take advantage of the service we offer specially for you.
  • Do not keep accessories such as jewelry and rings with you. Because we will ask you to remove them before diving.
  • It is one of the most important factors that you do not bring alcohol or not be alcoholic before diving. Otherwise, your reservation will be cancelled.

These requests are to maximize your safety. We care about you and we eliminate every element that will put your health at risk. We recommend that you consider this factor when looking for a diving reservation company. Professionalism is very important in diving tours. Thus, you protect yourself and your loved ones.

Under the water is a different world. Those who do not discover do not know, and those who dive want to experience it again and again. How about discovering a new world by adding scuba diving to your routine holiday plan? Contact SKY Fethiye and add color to your holiday.


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