What to do in Babadag?


Babadag is located at the intersection of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. What to do in Babadag because tourism is intense ? This question comes up very often in the summer months. Yes, the mountain is heavily flooded with local and foreign tourists in summer. But it also has fascinating features in the winter months. If you happen to be in the Fethiye Ölüdeniz region in the near future, we have listed the things you should definitely do when you come to Babadağ.

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There are 3 peaks in Babadağ with different heights. Its peak with the highest altitude was measured as 1,969 meters. It is known for being a mountain with a wide variety in terms of plant varieties. The distance between the summit and the sea is about 5 kilometers. This makes the region uniquely beautiful and special for paragliding. It is famous in the world for skydiving, but it is not limited to its features. There are other great fun things to do.

What to do in Babadag? You can add a nice day-to-day process in your Fethiye holiday. Sometimes hotel-themed holidays can get boring after a while. People need to experience the must-see places and activities of the city and the region. Babadag certainly offers you the opportunity to spend a good time in this regard. We will look at these later in the article. If you are already planning your vacation, you can consider the suggestions in this article.

To-Do List in Babadag

Babadağ continues to attract the attention of local and foreign tourists with its summit at an altitude of 2000 and 5 kilometers from the sea. But those who have not been before think this is a place to be used only for paragliding. Yes, the world’s most popular runway for tandem flight activity. You should try this while you’re at it. But in addition to that, there are other things you can do. What to do in Babadag? answer to the question…

Paragliding in Babadag

Of course, it is not possible to come to Fethiye Ölüdeniz region for a holiday and return without paragliding. Now, tandem jumping is an activity that is completely intertwined with the region and identified. We can say that it is a region that is the best alternative to this activity with its ideal wind, great runway structure, expert pilots, professional flight schools.

There are multiple jumping tracks. Step-by-step flights are carried out. For a certain fee, you stay in the air for about 35 minutes. The flight fee was determined as 150 dollars in the SKY Fethiye brand.

Paragliding is a process where everyone from 7 to 70 can participate in peace of mind and have fun without any problems. It is carried out with a total of 2 people as one person, including the pilot. You should definitely experience this when you come to Fethiye, the paradise holiday region in Turkey.

What to do in Babadağ Fethiye
What to do in Babadağ Fethiye

Which company is paragliding in Babadağ?

Paragliding in Babadağ is done with the SKY Fethiye flight school. It is one of the most reliable and prestigious companies in the region. We have carried out tens of thousands of flights over 20 years and today we continue our jumps without slowing down. Individuals who want to make a reservation can use all our communication channels. We wish you a good flight process.

What should I do to skydive in Babadağ?

First of all, you should make a reservation before coming. The requests to go out and jump directly are often not met positively. Because there is a very busy flight schedule during the season. You can send your information using the SKY Fethiye Whatsapp line.

Take the Cable Car in Babadag

There are two ways to reach Babadag summit. One is a vehicle and the other is a cable car. Thousands of people flock to this cable car every day for paragliding in summer. But if you do not have such an intention, that is, you will not participate in skydiving, you can even go on a cable car tour for a few hours. Because the scenery is quite beautiful and enjoyable. Especially as you get closer to the summit, the striking sea view is enchanting. What to do in Babadag? The second answer to the question is definitely the cable car tour.

Does it cost money to ride the cable car in Babadağ?

Yes, you can ride the cable car in Babadag for a fee. But there is no ticket price that will force the budget. Discounts are also available for students and teachers. It is certain that you will spend a nice hour by paying 50-100 TL. Definitely add this to your plans.

What to do in Babadağ Fethiye
What to do in Babadağ Fethiye

Going to a Concert in Babadag

We are talking about tens of thousands of people coming to Babadağ every year. Of course, in an area where there is such a density, it is not possible without entertainment. Great festivals and concerts are held every summer on its 1200-altitude track. What to do in Babadag? If you want, you can have fun with the performances of famous artists at these concerts and then descend to Ölüdeniz by parachuting. If you wish, you can come and come back just for the concerts. Either way, you’re sure to have fun.

Concerts are held in a special area called Babadağ Cable Car Stage. Every year, more than 20 artists enthuse tens of thousands with their unique performances on this stage. Some of the events take place during the day and some at night. You may be wondering about the calendar in 2022. If you want to access the details , you should definitely take a look at our Babadağ Festival 2022 article. They have amazing names and shows. We also listed the events in the whole region in our Fethiye Events Calendar 2022 title. There are certainly organizations that will interest you.

Are Babadağ Concerts Free?

Yes, paid participation in Babadağ concerts is carried out. You must purchase tickets in advance. We also help our customers who want to jump with a parachute. You can submit your requests at the time of reservation.

Eat in Babadag

What to do eat Babadağ
What to do eat Babadağ

Even though most people don’t know, there is a place where you can consume great tastes on the top of Babadağ. It is possible to say that this establishment called Babadag 1700 Grill & Bar is a wonderful place both for its food and breakfast. There is service throughout the day and doubles the pleasure of the unique view with alcoholic beverages upon request. Barbecue products are as popular as Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine.

What to do in Babadag? For those who say, we recommend to eat and enjoy the view. The price range of the menus eaten here is between 90 and 100 TL. Of course, alcohols are also extra. This place is famous not only for its food, but also for its unique nature and Oludeniz view.

Especially at sunset, the wonderful color tones that form in the sky feel like therapy. When dozens of parachutes floating in the air are added to this, a landscape like the paintings emerges. In our opinion, you should definitely go to Babadağ one day during your Fethiye Ölüdeniz holiday. Otherwise a lot will definitely be missed. Don’t say he didn’t.

Is Food Expensive in Babadag?

Of course, it has become almost impossible to find affordable menus and meals in tourism regions today. It is difficult to say that the menus in Babadağ 1700 Grill & Bar are also very reasonable. Presentations start from an average of 90 – 100 TL. Depending on your choices, these figures can reach 250 – 300 TL. Alcoholic beverages are also slightly above average. It would be beneficial for you to come with this information in mind.

Photographs Taken in Babadag

Finally, let’s give good news to photographers. Because there are great locations to take pictures in Babadag. Especially at certain times of the day, the lights in the sky reach a level that a photographer can only imagine. In addition, photographers flock here to catch paragliders from all over the world against the beautiful view of Ölüdeniz. You may be wondering which hours are ideal. Our recommendation in this regard is the sunset period. It is the time of the day when the light and image cleaning are the most beautiful. In addition, if you have the opportunity, the sunrise is also very beautiful on Babadag summit.

What to do in Babadag?

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