What to do in Fethiye

What to do in Fethiye

Fethiye Paragliding
What to do in Fethiye? Are you planning a holiday for Fethiye, one of the rarest places in Turkey? Then you will find the details you are looking for in this article. We made a pinpoint list for activities to do in Fethiye. Of course, tastes and colors are indisputable, but Fethiye has a positive electricity on everyone.Fethiye paragliding  activity is the first thing that comes to mind especially when Fethiye is mentioned . In addition, doing it while it is exciting to say it will create an incredible doping effect. One of the rules of being a good traveler is to research the place to visit. Where is Fethiye? What to do in Fethiye? What kind of activity is paragliding in Fethiye? If questions like these keep you busy, continue reading our content.

Top 7 Activities to Do in Fethiye

You will enjoy your holiday in Fethiye, which is one of the most preferred places for domestic and foreign tourists in Turkey. We speak so confidently because the city has many places that dazzle with their natural beauties. Moreover, it is possible to watch the scenery in various ways! How is it, for example , by  paragliding  in Fethiye, you can watch this town, which is famous for its nature, from a bird’s eye view.

Fethiye Paragliding

Don’t be afraid to fly. If you have chosen us, you can be sure that we have taken all the safety precautions before you start paragliding. Although paragliding stands out as an adrenaline-filled sport, the pleasure it gives is priceless. The most unforgettable part of your holiday will be the moments when you  paraglide in Fethiye . Don’t wait to make your dreams come true. It is a holiday route where you will enjoy traveling and having fun. If you do not have any obstacles to fly, do not return home without experiencing paragliding in Fethiye.

Scuba Diving

fethiye scuba diving

If you feel good in the sea, Fethiye scuba diving should be among the activities you can do. Those who experience this sport definitely recommend that it should be done. Exploring the underwater world is one of the results that most affect scuba divers. If you are wondering how to dive, let us remind you that we have professional trainers. This sport, where there is no age restriction, is one of the experiences that will make your Fethiye holiday special. Gather your courage and make an appointment to do this water sport. Having too many requests causes reservation occupancy from time to time. You should consider the idea of ​​being included in the Fethiye scuba diving program to increase your holiday to a better dimension.

What to do in Fethiye

Boat Tour

There is definitely a boat tour activity in a place where there is a sea. The brightness of Fethiye’s sea also makes the boat tour wonderful. If the sea is a must for your holiday, Fethiye boat tour will impress you. Focus your phone’s cameras on this magnificent view. As a result, boat tour prices, which are one of the favorite activities of many tourists coming to Fethiye, are also very reasonable. How would you like to plot your route? If you say that you want to spend my time to the fullest while on vacation, Fethiye boat tour should be on your to-do list.

Fethiye ATV Safari

Fethiye ATV tour

If you don’t have any information about ATV safari, we have prepared a title where you will say “We should definitely do this activity”. A perfect excitement is experienced by following the natural tracks on the ATV safari tour. ATV safari tour, also known as extreme sport, does not require a license or experience. Before the Fethiye ATV safari, there is a training ride. Our officials responsible for this sport will provide you with some safety equipment. After all, safety precautions must be taken as you are on all four wheels. Riding an ATV on the scenic track will increase your adrenaline level. Especially if you turn your holiday route to Fethiye with your friends, you will enjoy the ATV safari in the form of a crowded group.

Horse Tour

fethiye horse tour

It is one of the holiday destinations where it is impossible to get bored in the pearl of the Mediterranean. Another activity that will surprise you while you are on vacation will definitely be a horse tour. If you are tired of buildings and traffic, make sure to book a Fethiye horse tour. You will take a nice ride on our trained horses to create another pleasant holiday memory. Having local guides accompany you will increase the efficiency of your holiday. Nature takes people away from stress. You can add the horse tour activity to your to-do list to increase your happiness on friendly horses.

Fethiye Jeep Safari

Fethiye jeep safari

An adrenaline tour is among the activities to be done. Jeep Tour is the number one activity for change lovers. You will embark on a comfortable safari journey with our special and comfortable vehicles. Do not forget to take lots of photos on this tour, which is followed by various routes. A short lunch break in the open air will be one of the unforgettable moments of your trip. It is possible to do various activities on the Fethiye Jeep Safari route. The guide accompanying you will provide the necessary information.

Fethiye Rafting


It should not be surprising that adrenaline and action lovers enjoy rafting on vacation. The city has ideal places for rafting. Rafting tours are carried out in the company of professionals. Security measures are taken very strictly. Dalaman tea is among the beauties to be seen in Fethiye. The taste of rafting in Fethiye will be completely different in this unforgettably beautiful landscape. Things to have with you before you come to rafting

  • chipboard cream
  • swimsuit or towel
  • Sea shoes or sports shoes
  • sunglasses
  • Spare clothes and some money

Fethiye accommodation suggestions are frequently asked by those who plan to come to this paradise holiday resort. Every year, hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists come to Fethiye, which is home to the deep blue bays and virgin forests of our country. The enchanting beauty of Ölüdeniz, the view of the Butterfly Valley and the sunset pleasure at Calis beach are some of the most important factors in choosing this holiday resort. So where to stay in Fethiye? In this article, we will talk about the best Fethiye accommodation suggestions.

Fethiye Hotel Accommodation

Fethiye hotel recommendations
Fethiye hotel recommendations

Fethiye, which is a frequent destination for sea and nature holiday lovers in our country, has a large number of five-star hotels. There are facilities suitable for every budget in hotel accommodation. The general locations of the hotels are as follows:

  • Oludeniz
  • butterfly Valley
  • Calis Beach

The most important feature of the hotels in the regions mentioned above is that they offer nature and the sea together to their customers. It is possible to relieve the tiredness of the year easily by choosing the comfort offered by five-star hotels. Hotel accommodation is at the top of our list of accommodation suggestions in Fethiye .

Fethiye Bungalow Rental

For most people, vacation means calmness and being alone with nature. Especially those who are tired of the busy life of metropolises do not prefer crowded accommodation facilities such as hotels. For these people, we recommend the bungalow rental option, which is in the second row of our Fethiye accommodation recommendations list. There are many alternatives for bungalow rental in Fethiye. The best bungalow houses are:

  • Yeldeğirmeni Bungalow:It is located in Kayaköy. The most important feature of the Yeldeğirmeni Bungalow facility is that it has a large garden and offers different bungalow design options. You may come across farm animals while strolling among the lush trees. And to cool off, you can choose the private pool in the facility.
  • Yeşilbahçe Bungalow:

    Yeşilbahçe Bungalow is a good choice for families with children to enjoy their holidays in nature. We definitely recommend this facility for those who are looking for accommodation suggestions in Fethiye.

  • Compass Bungalow: This place is famous for being close to the most important locations of Fethiye. You can easily reach Ölüdeniz, Butterfly Valley and Saklıkent regions via Compass Bungalow.

  • Kabak Avalon Bungalow:

    If we are asked where is the point where nature and life meet, we would definitely say Kabak Avalon Bungalow. Located on the slope of the mountain, this facility has two different views, nature and sea. In addition, the unique flavors of the establishment are loved by the guests.

Fethiye Campgrounds

In our list of Fethiye accommodation suggestions , we have a great suggestion for those who are looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday in touch with nature: Fethiye camping areas. Moreover, it is possible to enjoy nature and the sea at reasonable prices. Ölüdeniz Beach Camping stands out among the best camping areas in Fethiye. Since it is a free camping area, it attracts great attention in the summer months. All you have to do is take your tent and come to Ölüdeniz Beach Camping area. Afterwards, a stress-free holiday awaits you.

We recommend Atlas Camping for those who want to feel the mystical spirit of historical places among their holiday plans. Also, this facility, located on the historical Lycian way, is a 10-minute walk from Kabak Bay. Atlas Camping is an ideal choice in our list of Fethiye accommodation suggestions .

Fethiye Daily House Rental

Fethiye daily house rental

One of the options preferred by those who want to spend their holidays in a quiet environment is the house rental service. For this, there are many houses serving in Fethiye. You can make a reservation in this area through Fethiye daily house rental sites. Thus, we made a detailed presentation about Fethiye accommodation suggestions. If you liked our article ‘ What to do in Fethiye? ‘ will be of interest to you. You can also review our paragliding posts on our Instagram account. .

Every part of our country has its own beauties. In general, there are places worth seeing in each region. Fethiye is one of them and even the most important one. Individuals who add Fethiye to their holiday plans often ask ‘ What is Fethiye famous for? ‘ in order to have detailed information about this place. ‘ is looking for an answer. In this article, we have compiled the things you should definitely do when you visit Fethiye. The answer to the question of what Fethiye is famous for goes on for long lists. Because this is one of the holiday paradises with the richest variety of our country with its nature sports, adrenaline activities, historical places, bays and food. With these features, it stands out as a good option for a pleasant holiday with family or groups of friends. From sunrise to sunset, from nightlife to daytime activities, we have listed the must-do things in Fethiye for you. Here is the answer to the question of what Fethiye is famous for…

Fethiye Historical Places

What is Fethiye famous for?  Historical places are definitely at the top of the list. Telmessos Amphitheater is a very important place not only for Fethiye but also for our country’s tourism. The oldest theater in our country close to the sea is Telmessos Amphitheater. This place, which belongs to the early Roman period, was used as an arena during the Byzantine period. It was damaged by the great earthquakes in history, but was rebuilt and put into service in the second century. Another option for those who want to see historical textures while on vacation is the Amintas King Tombs . The Amintas King Tombs welcome thousands of tourists every year. The fact that its origin dates back to the fourth century increases the interest even more.

Fethiye Natural Beauties

Our country is full of natural beauties. If Fethiye is the source of these natural beauties, we would not be wrong. Therefore,  what is Fethiye famous for?  Natural beauties are in the second place of our list. If you want to enjoy the sea and the sun in a natural bay, Ölüdeniz will be a good alternative for you. This cove, which is 14 kilometers away from the district center, is the most popular tourist attraction in the region. We also have a great option for canyoning enthusiasts: Saklıkent. Wonderful views await you in the Saklıkent canyon, where the karst rocks are located.

Fethiye Local Tastes

The reason why Fethiye is famous for what is  usually asked is the desire to know its famous dishes. This region is famous for its vegetable dishes. In addition, olive oil is indispensable for this place. Babadağ keskeği, Ölemeç soup, Basin pastry and Meat plating are the prominent local delicacies of Fethiye. Also, while you’re here, you should definitely taste the tomato with bulgur or the eggplant with bulgur.

Fethiye Souvenirs

One of the best parts of the holiday is collecting memories from the places we went to. Souvenirs are a good alternative in this regard. For those who want to buy souvenirs in Fethiye, trinkets containing the motifs of the region can be preferred. And, of course, magnets that reflect the spirit of this place are indispensable. Thus  , what is Fethiye famous for?  We also shared the fourth row of our list with you.

Fethiye Sports Activities

Fethiye Sports Activities

Fethiye is not only famous for its unique landscapes, untouched bays or magnificent sunsets. One of the elements that makes this place special compared to other holiday regions is the sports activities. Paragliding is one of these activities. It is possible to both look at nature from the sky and perform an adrenaline-filled flight thanks to paragliding. It is also a good location for scuba diving. Getting information about paragliding in Fethiye

You can review our ‘Paragliding’ category for You can also access flight footage from our Instagram  account.

The Most Beautiful Bays of Fethiye

The beaches around Fethiye and in other regions are not just sunbathing areas for us. We’re also addicted to the wild, lonely, or dramatic stormy landscape of a beach in winter. We usually catch such scenes while walking around or walking around Fethiye during the colder months. Sand, gravel or rocky coves; Fethiye beaches are a real mix.

Aksazlar Bay – Leb-i Derya

Aksazlar, now known as Leb-i Derya , is a perfect beach. Beds, umbrellas, imported white sand, restaurant, is a perfect beach that will please wheelchair users.

Small Samanlik Beach

There are more sunbathing places than before. However, the Little Haystack is one of the originals of that rustic feeling. If you want to open the doors of a perfect holiday, you can choose Küçük Samanlık Beach .

Big Samanlik Beach

Little Haystack ‘s older sister and next door neighbor. You can get an excellent experience by choosing Büyük Samanlık Beach , another bay that has recently recovered .


Under new management from 2020, this beach is now known as a beach with an area reserved for female swimmers. Kuleli , one of the most beautiful bays of Fethiye , is a beach preferred by many people.

Big Beads – Sea Me Beach

Beautifully shaped bay and was once a place that was sadly full of rubbish. Büyük Boncuklu Beach , now known as Deniz Me Beach , is an extremely wonderful swimming spot with beds and umbrellas as well as eating and drinking facilities. Reservation is required for sun loungers at busy times.

Paradise Cove

Paradise Bay , which is the cleanest bay of Fethiye , has crystal clear turquoise water. There is no way to go by car to this perfect cove, where even the bottom of the sea can be seen. Just like, you can reach the heavenly place by walking from Kabak Bay in 2 hours.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley , one of the most beautiful bays of Fethiye , has been declared a first degree natural protected area. The valley, where construction is not allowed in any way, has become a frequent destination for foreign and domestic tourists with its natural beauties. You can see this natural beauty up close.

The Most Beautiful Bays of Fethiye
The Most Beautiful Bays of Fethiye

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Curiosities About Ölüdeniz

As Oludeniz is one of Turkey’s premier beach resorts, you can expect crowds, especially from June to September, but the shoulder months from May to June and September to October are ideal for a bargain break while enjoying the high temperatures and plenty of sun. . During the peak months of July to August, expect mercury to hit the mid-40s with almost zero chance of rain, and during the shoulder months, you’ll still have your mid-30s and possibly higher. So if you’re dying to visit Oludeniz, let’s take a look at how you can get there, what you can do, and some history along the way.

Curiosities About Ölüdeniz
Curiosities About Ölüdeniz

How to go to Ölüdeniz?

The good news is that getting to Ölüdeniz is quite easy in the summer months and not too difficult out of season. In the summer, you can fly directly to Dalaman Airport on the south coast and from there just an hour’s transfer by bus or hire a car at the airport. You may find it difficult to find a direct flight to Dalaman during the winter months, but you can always connect in Istanbul and this is a great excuse for a twin center vacation!

Since Oludeniz is not very big, it is quite easy to get around the region. It is connected by regular buses to Fethiye, the most important holiday resort in the region, and is only 10-15 minutes away by car on its own. If you want to spread your wings a little more, you can reach other holiday resorts of Turkey such as Marmaris or Icmeler in about two hours.

About Oludeniz

As it is part of the Lycian region of Turkey , there is plenty of history around Oludeniz, with its history and ruins dating back nearly 3000 years. You can also join the Lycian Way from Fethiye , which is a walking track that extends to Antalya and has many important ruins along the way .

In Turkish, Ölüdeniz translates as “dead sea”, but this is not quite literally – in fact, the sea here is so calm that it is almost dead! This makes it an ideal place for a family beach break, with its waters safe for swimming. Like most Turkish resorts in this region, Ölüdeniz was once a fishing village, has developed over the years and is now a thriving tourist destination during the summer months. The central point of Ölüdeniz, apart from the blue of the sea, is the gigantic Babadağ rising into the sky behind the beach. It means ‘mountain daddy’ and is one of the best spots in the paragliding world. Overall, however, the picturesque setting of the entire city makes Oludeniz the perfect place for Insta-worthy snapshots to make everyone home jealous!

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