What to Eat in Fethiye?

Fethiye’de ne yenir?

What to eat in Fethiye? is a question frequently asked by individuals visiting this holiday destination for the first time. Because the taste of the food consumed as much as nature, the sea and the activities made make that holiday meaningful. Especially if you’ve been to a place like Fethiye with plenty of local flavors, there are local dishes that you should definitely not return without tasting. Therefore, what to eat in Fethiye for you? We answered the question. In this way, you can add these flavor stops to your plans and collect unforgettable holiday memories…

Fethiye, which attracts great attention throughout the country with its calmness, is generally known for its unique nature and deep blue bays. The fact that its population, which is normally 160 thousand, exceeds a million in the summer months is an indication of this. Every year, people from all over Turkey visit this charming region to witness the wonderful harmony of nature and sea. It is also very famous for its activities such as paragliding , water sports and camping organizations. In addition to these, Fethiye has the title of a very assertive holiday town in terms of taste. Here’s what to eat in Fethiye? 5 flavor stops for those wondering.

  1. Fethiye Crab Restaurant
  2. Fethiye Tavern
  3. Efendi Restaurant
  4. Smart Restaurant
  5. Island Restaurant (Knight Island)

Fethiye Crab Restaurant

It is quite easy to find a flavor stop in Fethiye that appeals to your taste buds. Because there are many restaurants, each with its own unique presentations. Fethiye Yengec Restaurant, What to eat in Fethiye? It takes the first place in our answer to the question. A great option especially for fish lovers. It is always possible to reach fresh fish in this restaurant, where products from the sea are served daily. It is also a very ambitious business in the field of appetizers. We recommend you to stop by the Crab Restaurant for an insatiable dinner with a sea view during your Fethiye holiday.

Fethiye Tavern

One of the most beautiful aspects of the holiday is to relieve the tiredness of sea and nature activities during the day with dinner and music. Fethiye Meyhanesi is a business that stands out in this regard. Therefore, what to eat in Fethiye? It ranks second in the list we prepared for the question. An architectural nostalgia stop. Fresh fish and appetizers accompanied by live music are ideal options for the Crab Restaurant. It is also worth mentioning that there are alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Efendi Restaurant

If we were asked where to find a heartwarming and decent restaurant environment in Fethiye, we would definitely say Efendi Restaurant. Because with its flowery and colorful architecture, it has a fascinating atmosphere that gives energy to people. It is possible to compare this place to a Greek tavern. In the menus where Mediterranean and Aegean greens are abundant, main courses also draw attention with their taste. What to eat in Fethiye? If you are facing a problem, we definitely recommend Efendi Restaurant.

Smart Restaurant

Zeki Restaurant is a good choice stop in Fethiye for those who love the hearth food culture. You can order from ready-made meat and chicken menus, as well as cook your own meat. What to eat in Fethiye , especially for fireside lovers ? The answer to the question is definitely Zeki Restaurant. Also, do not forget to drink coffee on embers after delicious meals.

Island Restaurant (Knight Island)

As it is known, the view of Fethiye Knight island and especially the sunset time was famous. This unique view offers the opportunity to have a unique experience, as you can imagine, to eat accompanied by food. You can choose Ada restaurant not only for dinner but also for breakfast. What to eat in Fethiye? Thus, we have completed our list. You can choose whichever one of the flavor stops we mentioned above suits your taste and leave a nice memory for your holiday. If you liked this article, our Instagram page may be of interest to you.

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