What to Wear While Paragliding?


Those who make reservations for the paragliding sport are in a sweet rush. What to wear while paragliding? The question is an expression of this excitement. Some think it would be better to wear colts, while others think that shorts are the most ideal clothing for flying. In fact, the key here is to be comfortable in your clothing. It is very important that you feel comfortable. For this, we will suggest a few clothes and shoes.

Flying with paragliding is a very safe and comfortable activity. In order for this activity, which takes place in a period of 35-40 minutes, to be even more enjoyable, some issues must be considered. Clothing selection is an important factor for both personal safety and comfort. Normally you don’t need to buy any extra equipment. Likewise, it is not difficult to buy a special outfit. You can catch the desired combination with the clothes in your wardrobe. For example, sunglasses on a white t-shirt fit well. If you think you will be comfortable under it, the foal is a good alternative.

Clothing Recommendations for Paragliding

What to wear when paragliding for someone who has never flown before ? subject is often important. Because individuals think that casual clothes will not fit and that something special should be purchased for this sport. Of course, buying new products is optional. But there’s really no need for that. You will feel very comfortable while flying with the combinations we will tell you. Here are the details.

List of things to wear while parachuting:

  • A loose or loose t-shirt
  • Shorts you will be comfortable with
  • trousers that you will be comfortable with
  • Tights you will be comfortable in
  • Sunglasses
  • sneakers

We recommend that you pay attention to sports shoes. Because, although it is soft during the descent, slipper-type shoes can be difficult. It also disturbs you throughout the flight. You don’t need to buy any special shoes. However, we can supply Paragliding shoes upon request. It is known as the best of its kind.

Some participants can come to the flight with a swimsuit. It’s okay as men’s swimsuits are shorts type. However, this is a difficult situation for our female customers. Because one of the belts connecting you to the parachute passes through your groin area. In slip swimsuits, these threads rub against the legs. If you are uncomfortable during the glide, your enjoyment from the sky may decrease.

What to Wear While Paragliding?
What to Wear While Paragliding?

There is a reason why glasses are required in paragliding. The main reason for this is to protect your eyes from the air you are exposed to while in the sky. Although a slow glide takes place, there is contact with a certain amount of wind. If you do not have glasses, you cannot observe the surroundings clearly. Preferably sunglasses. Thus, you will be able to clearly monitor every place while you are in the air.

Is it possible to wear shorts while paragliding?

What do participants wear while paragliding, usually when bookings are made? he asks. In particular, we encounter a lot of demand to wear shorts. You can wear shorts. But avoid the overly short varieties. Let’s remind you that the safety belt goes between your legs. Friction may occur between your legs due to friction in the air. If you don’t want to get discouraged, trust our advice on this.

Is it okay to wear swimsuits while paragliding?

Fethiye Ölüdeniz is a paradise in terms of sea. Especially Ölüdeniz Beach attracts great attention. As a matter of fact, people here often wear swimsuits in the city. There may also be people who come to the parachute runway in this way. This is your choice. However, we do not recommend that our female customers wear slip-on swimsuits while skydiving. They can be adversely affected by seat belts. We should also mention that we provide special overalls for winter flights. For detailed information, you can use SKY Fethiye lines.


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