When Choosing a Paragliding Company?


When Choosing a Paragliding Company? Extreme sports allow participants to experience high adrenaline because they contain some risk. In tandem flights, this situation is more than enough. But that doesn’t mean it’s a security risk. A flawless process is created thanks to well-executed flight schools and expert pilots. There are some things to consider when choosing a paragliding company . Since you have never experienced it before and you have some reservations, we recommend you to be careful in your reservation choices. What makes the process easy for you will be a quality and professional service.

Today, no flight school or individual pilot without a license and certificate can organize a tandem, that is, commercial flight. This issue is determined by law. Otherwise, there are serious penal sanctions. However, the fact that a company has all the certificates does not mean that it will be good, unfortunately. Because in order to do a good job, it is necessary to have a professional vision and at the same time love this industry, flying.

As it is known, the flight process starts with making a reservation with a company. In the meantime, your flight times are determined. When your day comes, you will have a wonderful experience by going to the Babadag track. But is every flight really uniquely beautiful? How accurate is it to make a reservation from anywhere? What should be considered when choosing a paragliding company? We explain the answers to all these curious questions, item by item, for you… We wish you a pleasant reading. When Choosing a Paragliding Company?

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What are the Points to Consider When Choosing a Paragliding Company?

It is necessary to scrutinize very finely. It would not be right to blindly agree with every company. Many factors need to be taken into account, especially his background, certifications and flight experience. Only in this way can you entrust yourself or your loved ones with peace of mind. Let’s take a look at the details.

  1. First of all, of course, make sure that the person or company you are flying with has all the official documents. These documents are generally published on internet sites. Stay away from companies that do not have a license or are not updated.
  2. Investigate the quality of the materials they prefer in their flight equipment. Lots of materials in the industry and not all of them are of the same quality. Do not forget that one of the most important factors that makes a flight safe is the quality of the material.
  3. Question the flight times and experiences of the pilots. Think of it like an airplane pilot. Experience means trust. You can easily access user reviews of companies through search engines.
  4. Consider service quality. The kind of sincerity and interest you encounter when you communicate is a reflection of the service you will encounter on the day of the flight. This subject is important. Because of your fears, the thing will be the friendly approach of the pilots.
  5. And of course, analyze the proportionality of price policies well. Some companies in the sector provide services with very high prices. That doesn’t mean they’re the best company. You’re only left with paying high fees.
  6. Finally, turn to pilots focused on customer satisfaction during flight times. In the busy season, some companies can keep their flight times as short as 20 minutes. This causes you to not feel the excitement fully. Note that the ideal time is 30 – 35 minutes.

If you are looking for a company that best meets all these items, the answer is not far away. SKY has the title of the most experienced company in Fethiye Oludeniz region, flying the most participants. Perfect service and professional approach play a big role in this. You are invited to our communication tools for answers to any questions you may have. When Choosing a Paragliding Company?


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