Where Does The Boat Tour Go in Fethiye?


Where does the boat tour go in Fethiye? The coastline of the region is quite high. This increases its proximity to natural beauties. With its proximity to both Ölüdeniz and Antalya, you have the opportunity to see wonderful places on tours. Butterfly Valley is one of them. There is no road access to this place, which hosts thousands of special butterflies in nature. Those who want to visit and swim in the cool waters of the bay can only reach by sea.

The tour, which starts early in the morning at the port, proceeds on a wonderful route during the day. On this route full of surprises, you will discover natural beauties and have the opportunity to swim in very special blue waters. We can say that there are many reasons to add a boat tour while planning your holiday. Getting away from the coast is very good. You can relieve the stress of the whole year in the open seas. But where does the boat tour go in Fethiye? Here are the points you will discover if you choose us…

Boat tour route in Fethiye:

  • butterfly Valley
  • Aquarium Cove
  • Nicholas Island
  • Cold Water Cave
  • Blue Cave

Where Do Daily Boat Tours Go in Fethiye?

In recent years, a new concept called the blue holiday has gained popularity. Individuals sometimes stay on the water for days by renting a private boat, and some take a wonderful break of peace with daily boat tours. For those who have not been before, where does the boat tour go in Fethiye? he asks. Let’s explain.

Boat Tour in Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is one of the rarest natural wonders of our country. It is flooded with visitors from all over the world with its thousands of special butterfly species. Transportation is not possible by road. This is why she still maintains her virginity. If you want to come here, you will either hire a private boat or join daily Fethiye tours. You can choose us as this is a route for our boat tour.

Fethiye Aquarium Bay Boat Tour

Don’t say ‘I swam in a wonderful place’ before swimming in Aquarium Bay in Fethiye. This is a place where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas intersect. Its water contains the most beautiful shade of blue. You feel as if you are entering a pool. Where does the boat tour go in Fethiye? Let’s say to those who are wondering, Aquarium Bay is the most beautiful spot of the route. You will like it very much.

Fethiye ST. Nicholas Island Boat Tour

It is also known as Gemiler Island. It is overshadowed by Ölüdeniz, but for most people it is a much more beautiful place than there. Both the sea and its historical texture fascinate people. It is possible to come here with a daily boat tour. Book now, St. Join the mystery of Nicholas Island.

Fethiye Cold Water Cave Boat Tour

The Cold Water Cave, which nature offers us with its geological formation, is one of the most popular places in the Fethiye region. We can say that its water and view are postcards. You can only reach here by boat tour. No other is possible. As the name suggests, it has a nail-like juice. You will feel a real cooling sensation when diving here on hot Mediterranean days.

Fethiye Blue Cave Boat Tour

The last stop of our route is the Blue Cave. We go to many places during the cruise and each one is very special. But it would be useful to open a separate parenthesis for the Blue Cave. A true geological marvel. The water is clean and clear and at the same time cold. When one comes here, one does not want to leave for hours. As you can see, we offer you a unique summer day. Do you want to join us? If yes, use our communication tools right now. We wish you happy holidays.


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