Where is The Fethiye Paragliding Runway?

Although there are various tracks for parachuting in our country, Fethiye is the center of this activity. For this reason , where is the Fethiye paragliding runway? it is wondered. There is only one alternative in the region. Flights start on Babadag runways. This is a unique place not only for this location, but also for our country and even the world. It creates a very good alternative with different jumping points at altitudes of 1400 – 1600 – 1700 – 1900 meters. In fact, more than all of the parachute jumps across the country take place on this mountain only in the summer season. Even with this aspect, it is possible to see how important and beautiful it is.

Double tandem flights are commercial flights. In other words, the jump takes place in the company of a pilot and a tourist. In order to provide this service, a pilot must have a T2 certificate. A certain flight experience is also required. Thus, the process becomes safe, participants have a fun moment. People who live and vacation in areas such as Ölüdeniz, Muğla, Bodrum, İzmir and Marmaris do the best track research when they want to participate in this activity. Where is the Fethiye paragliding track when it is learned that the best point of the country is in Fethiye? the question arises. We shared the address and location information in the continuation of the article.

Fethiye Paragliding Track Address

Due to its location, Muğla is close to many crowded and intense touristic areas in our country. This places it in a special place for paragliding activity. For those who are wondering how to arrive, we have listed the distance of popular regions to this track. If you want, you can provide transportation with your personal vehicle or you can reach the track by using public transportation.

How many km is Fethiye paragliding runway:

  • Oludeniz center Babadag paragliding distance 800 meters
  • 334 km from Izmir to Babadag
  • 124 km from Marmaris to Babadag
  • 232 km from Bodrum to Babadag
  • 191 km from Datca to Babadag
  • Distance from Muğla center to Babadağ is 135 km.
  • 17 km from Fethiye center to Babadag paragliding

As you can see, every important location is within an accessible distance. All you have to do is make your reservation and then go to the address. You can go up by taking the cable car below, or it is possible to exit by car. Where is The Fethiye Paragliding Runway?

Where is The Fethiye Paragliding Runway?
Where is The Fethiye Paragliding Runway?

How to go to Fethiye Paragliding Track?

You’ve made your skydiving reservation and now it’s up to you to decide how to get there. In this case, you must first come to the Fethiye region. You should arrive at Babadağ cable car toll booth by minibus or public transportation from the center. You can reach here from Ölüdeniz Mahallesi, Ölüdeniz Cd., 48340 Fethiye/Muğla address. Afterwards, you can go to the track where the jump will take place with the cable car.

The only company that provides transportation between flight schools and ascent to Babadağ is the SKY Fethiye brand. You do not take any action other than making a reservation. We manage all the processes that you need and will increase your comfort. On the day of your flight, we can pick you up from your hotel and provide you with access to the runway. You do not have a problem such as returning. Where is The Fethiye Paragliding Runway?  Eventually, you will land on Ölüdeniz Beach. But of course, you should notify your transportation requests at the reservation stage. Otherwise, you cannot benefit from these additional services.

If you are planning to come from another city, Bodrum or Datça airport will be a good alternative. After that, you should come to the center of Fethiye. After reaching here, SKY Fethiye firm takes the process management. Until the end of the jump, all needs and demands are met by your flight school. Where is The Fethiye Paragliding Runway?

If you want to take advantage of the 2022 parachute advantages, you can choose to use our communication tools. Our call representatives provide 24/7 online service for all your questions and reservation requests. We are as close as a phone call to you for all the details such as price, flight time, how to do it and where. Where is The Fethiye Paragliding Runway?

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