Where To Dive in Fethiye?


Exploring the deep blue is one of the most different feelings in the world. For this reason , where to dive in Fethiye? The question comes up frequently. This region, which is the intersection point of the Mediterranean and Aegean, has beautiful places under water as well as on land. Every year, thousands of local and foreign tourists prefer this place just for diving activities.

Everyone who is fond of diving wants to see underwater at least once in their life. Actually, this is very easy to do. Because you do not need to take long trainings to scuba dive. It is possible to perform the activity after a short briefing from professional divers . So where to dive in Fethiye? We have listed the most beautiful places in the region for you. We wish you pleasant reading…

Where To Dive in Fethiye
Where To Dive in Fethiye

Fethiye Diving Centers

Almost every region of Fethiye, including Ölüdeniz, is in a paradise. It fascinates those who come here with its lush forests and deep blue sea. In addition to its natural beauties, it offers great alternatives to holidaymakers with its activities. Paragliding, scuba diving, safari are some of them. However, it is useful to underline the subject of diving in particular. Because there are unique places worth seeing on its coast, which starts in the north of the Aegean and extends to the east of the Mediterranean. It also ranks high in the world in terms of underwater biodiversity. Let’s all together ‘Where to dive in Fethiye? Let’s look at the answer to the question ‘.

1)      The Unique Spot of Scuba Diving in Fethiye: Afkule

45 minutes from Fethiye’s port, this diving spot is a great place not only for scuba divers but also for snorkelers . Those who want to see the life under the deep blue waters on holiday flock here. The depth of the water reaches 30 meters. This actually makes it attractive to advanced divers. In short , it is possible to say that Afkule is the best diving spot in the region.

It is possible to start diving from different regions. If you prefer to start from inside the cave, we recommend that you take a flashlight with you. If you are not a professional diver, right next to this place there is a place also known as Turkish Bath with a depth of 10 meters. You can have a great experience here. If you are wondering where to dive in Fethiye , Afkule is definitely the best option.

2)      Unique Region of the Underwater World: Turunç Spring

It is the most correct term to call this region the underwater watchman of history. Because during the dive, historical amphorae can be seen from place to place. Amphora means a pointed jug. These jugs are found on the ground as well as stuck to the rocks in some places. It has a depth of 14 to 17 meters. Inexperienced diving enthusiasts can dive here with an expert diver .

3)      Favorite of Diving Beginners: Azizağa Bay

In order to experience the mysterious view of the underwater world, it is necessary to start from certain depths. Here, dives are made by entering from the anchor. Its depth is just perfect. It is also worth mentioning that the water is clear. There are many professional companies that organize diving tours to this point in Fethiye. Please contact us for further inquiries about scuba diving.

Where To Dive in Fethiye
Where To Dive in Fethiye

Fethiye Diving Guide 2022

Each dive point adds a new experience to individuals. For this reason, every area under the water is always pregnant with a new excitement. However, holiday planning individuals often wonder where to dive in Fethiye. Because there is a demand to witness the most beautiful moments during the first dive.

  • Barakuda Reef (Dalyan Reef )
  • Amphora Diving
  • Red Island Canyon
  • Shrimp Hut
  • Red Island Lighthouse
  • Mexican Cave


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